Monday, January 19, 2009

January's Journal Challenge - Day 19

I had such fun having my granddaughter over. We made tacos and burritos for supper and then we all played a board game. We all being her, me and grandpa. She chose the Game of Life. It is only the second time she has played it as we taught her how last time we had her over. She did really well and was getting pretty good with her strategy. She only lost to grandpa by 235,000.00. In the Game of Life that is not much. If she had gotten just a few more Life tiles she would have beaten him. She thought that was so cool and challenged him that she would win next time. She was a Doctor and grandpa a teacher and grandma, ta da, an artist. LOL. It was fun, if you've never played the game and you enjoy board games you really should get it. ~~~
Today was my youngest niece's birthday. She turned 9 today, they are all growing so fast. Anywho, we made her birthday cards with stickers and rub-on words and put made with love on the backs of them. Awwww!! Wasn't that a sweet idea from one cousin to another. I made sure they got to play together for a couple hours when we took the gifts over. I finished up today's page after lunch at McDonald's and taking the granddaughter home.

Misty Mawns January Journal Challenge has completely different themes this week. I enjoyed today's. This is the first time I have sewn on paper, by hand. I haven't had the courage to put paper through my sewing machine yet. Today's theme was "add buttons, thread and fabric to your journal page". Here's what I came up with.....

The overall theme is about being different. Notice how the tic tac toe seems to be the red squares and yet the buttons are going the other direction. And also notive two of the buttons are 4 hole and the center one is a two hole. being different can be a good thing.

Here is the list for this weeks Journal Challenge as suggested by Misty Mawn:

Monday - embellishments. buttons, beads, fabric added to the page.
Tuesday - word art. focus on one word... create a page around that word.
Wednesday - altered photo. take one photo of your own, alter it any way you wish
Thursday - crayons only day... nothing else. explore your inner child. ;-)
Friday - create a work of art /journal page inspired by your favorite artist.
Saturday- share your art... make a piece of art as a gift today, give it away.
Sunday - shapes. pick one shape and go from there.

I would think tomorrow would be easy but I haven't come up with a single idea yet. Hmmmmm! Guess I'll have to sleep on it.



Wren said...

I love your version of tic tac toe, where both players can win! That's a real win-win game. Very pretty as well.

turquoise cro said...

Great page Tess! I haven't got a sewing machine soOOOOoo I sew all my things by hand! hehe Glad YOU stopped by and entered the drawing for one of my crows or today's stitch artwork! I didn't get much housework done today! Phew! Yes, it's not a bad thing to be different!! YOU still have time to join in the FUN if YOU have something to give away! I didn't know whether or not I was going to do it this year but I've done it every year soOOOOo why not?

lori vliegen said...

wow...burritos and the Game of LIfe! that sounds like a fun party! and i love your sewn tic-tac-toe piece! you are really having fun with these challenge pieces!

Tina said...

The tic tac toe is great. On the green back ground is wonderful.