Saturday, January 3, 2009

January's Journal Challenge Day 3

January 3rd, 2009
I am a Boy Scout Volunteer and also a Brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow within Scouting. Today was the OA Winter Banquet. Since the OA is boy lead with adult advisers they chose to have activities geared more for the youth this time around. Instead of going for the whole day we opted to drive over just for dinner. It was a nice 2 hour country drive and we got to see a lot of scouting friends we only see once or twice a year or at big camping events so it was well worth it.

Before the drive I was contemplating an art project I wanted to work on and could not find a key element. I know it is here in one of the many bags or boxes hidden here and there around the house. I needed to go to the post office and offered to gas up the car while I was at it. I made an impromptu trip to Wal-Mart and am I ever glad I did. Look what I found for only $32.00.

I'm sorry the picture isn't better. It's a 7 drawer dresser with 4 small drawers and 3 deeper drawers. I've already placed some art supplies I got for Christmas into it and emptied out 3 plastic bags. There is still plenty of room. I like the top 4 drawers as they are wide enough for scrapbook papers to lay flat. Once I have more of my supplies into it I should be able to rearrange the sewing/storage room to sit this dresser right next to my sewing machine stand. Neat huh!!

Have you found a nifty art supply storage bargain lately?



Martha Lever said...

Hi Tess! You got a great bargain! No, I haven't found my bargain for 2009 yet but I am always lookin! :)

lori vliegen said...

this seven drawer unit looks great...i could use several of those, as i've managed to "collect" so much stuff i can hardly keep track of it any more!! have fun getting all of your treasures organized! :)