Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January's Journal Challenge - Day 6

I missed posting yesterday but I did do something artistic on Jan. 5th. I made my first ATC card. I love ATC's and I have 3 from other artists. I first found them in the pages of Somerset Studio. I even went out and bought one of those stamps that you use on the back of the card with the lines for artist name, card name, number and such. Of course I can't find the stamp now. I'm sure I'll find it as I'm putting things away in my new art dresser. Recently a new friend on AC gave me some links to ATC related sites on the web and I even found a tutorial at gomakesomething.com. That was a neat site to find, thanks Barbara. ~~~~

This is a recycled ATC of sorts as I used recycled items mostly. The base is junk mail and I covered it with bits of upholstery samples for stability. Then a torn page from an old dictionary I found and a canceled stamp. I cut a heart out of a magazine page for one of the heart balloons and used a sticker for another. Then I drew one with a glitter pen and a few squiggles too. I stamped words and attached a word cut from a magazine also. It looked too clean so I inked the edges with the stamp pad. I wanted to cover it with tissue paper to better pull it all together but but that attempt failed (I didn't like the look) and I ended up pulling the tissue off. I painted on a coat of modpodge and used torn envelopes on the back to cover some of the junk mail words. I'll call it celebrate 1. I have already picked out some mini cardstock papers to make another and I think I have another canceled celebrate stamp. Of course I'll call the next one celebrate 2.
Celebrate family, traditions and generations this year people. It will be well worth it.~~~

Thank you to all that have commented, I appreciate the attention. You lift my spirits and make me smile with each comment.
Happy Day,


Martha Lever said...

I really like this ATC, Tess!! Very nice. They are really fun to make.

Flor Larios Art said...

Hi Tess,
Very creative, cool!
Thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving your kind comments.

Angela said...

Tess I love your ATC! You have a nice style and using up all that old junk mail always makes me feel good. I think I will end up posting some digital artwork as well as painted journal work. Keep up the good work!