Thursday, January 15, 2009

January's Journal Day 15 - White

Wow, Misty really made me stretch my brain muscle today. I had no idea what to do with white. As the idea formed I had problems with how to bring it about. I wanted to use some gesso or white paint but I had no time for that today. I found a small piece of white upholstery material and a piece of tulle. Winter whites came to mind. And then a dress formed and I found a piece of white fiber paper. It looks dreamy to me when torn. "She Dreams of Winter Whites" came to mind and then all sorts of little words that go with white. Creamy White, milky white, snowy white, white magic. I even had my husband in on it coming up with whites. I found writing with white on white was not as easy a task as I had first thought it would be. I found I liked the color silver with the white. I grew during this task no doubt today. I didn't get to making an ATC. I would like to try a white ATC though.

I wish this page would scan better. I tried photographing it and that was not possible with my skills or equipment. So here is my White page for all to see:
I'd like to thank everyone for their wonderful comments. It means a lot to me. The feedback and the knowing that others are looking. Thank You. I've enjoyed viewing many new and artistic blogger, some I'd seen before and some I hadn't. It's a big world out there but I love how the internet and blogging makes it feel a bit smaller. Thank You, Thank You!!

It's 9degrees here right now, I think I'll go have a cup of hot cocoa. Try to stay warm and to those in warmer climates, soak up some sun for me. Baby it's cold outside!!!!!!! Tomorrow's color for Misty Mawn's Journal Challenge is red. She didn't include the color purple in her color theme choices so I just may be adding some purple to my red page. We'll see...........



lori vliegen said...

you did a great job on this challenge, tess! i would have been totally intimidated trying to come up with a finished piece using only white...yikes! have fun with the red tomorrow...and by all means, throw in a little purple (it's close enough to red, right?). :)

Tina said...

This is great. I love the playful nature of it. Thanks for visiting my blog and the kind comment.

Laura said...

I found white to be soothing to work with a bit challenging too. And just drawing on a pg is a great place to start!

Thanks so much for stopping by and your sweet comments :>

Martha Lever said...

You are doing a great job on the challenges. Who is Misty Mawn? I looked at her blog and she has fabulous stuff.

Stay warm, Tess!!!!!