Friday, January 16, 2009

January's Journal day 16 - Red

Greetings, Today's color is red. I love red, red is romantic, red is Mars, red is the color of the blood moon. Red is fiery and vibrant and sensual. I had no idea what to do with this color. So I thought and I thought and I thought and of course hearts came to mind. I thought many would be using hearts. Red hearts on Valentines, red hearts with inspirational words, red poppy's, red roses. And then this came to me. "Red Hot Momma" OMG, this phrase is such a joke between me and my daughter. This journal page will help remind me of that joke. So I went looking for red items from magazines and found a red and white pot and a red apron and then this voluptuous red hot momma with her "nerd" looking over at her, and he's not in the mood for dancing. He wants what is not in the pot yet.
"Hey Red Hot Momma, put your apron on".
He's even trying to seduce her to cook with a pretty bracelet of hearts but no dice, she just wants to dance. Hee Hee I have two colors of red paint and didn't use either one. I had too much fun with the mod podge and red papers and pens and magazine finds.

In a comment someone asked who Misty Mawn is. How do I answer that? I have never met Misty but would love too. I found her through another blog I think. I don't even remember now. I loved her paintings, her photographs and her honesty in her blog entries. Then I started reading about how she teaches Art several times a year. Reading about her travels is so much fun. She takes me places I doubt I will ever go. Maybe someday, maybe, I will get to take a class with her. An artists retreat would be so much fun. She's been published too in Somerset Studios magazine. Read about Misty in her own words. She makes books, wonderful journals, and she makes wonderful mixed media paintings. She dreams big and she accomplishes inspiring others. I like to think of her as my friend and my personal teacher. And for now she is just that as this January Journal Challenge is keeping me busy thinking, creating and finding my abilities that I didn't even know or remember that I had. I'm also being connected to many other artists in this great big world. Other people like me that have always felt the need to doodle or write or draw or paint or cut favorite things from magazines and paste them into other magazines. I did a lot of that as a teenager and am doing it again. Sometimes when I write poetry or cut and paste I am working out a personal problem or dilemma and Misty, well She helps me with these things and she doesn't even know it. I'm glad you all are reading and following along with Misty and me this month. I hope you liked my red page and for tomorrow, we shall see lots of yellows.

Good Night,



turquoise cro said...

LOL Is that a fan in the background to cool off Red Hot Mama?!!! Phew! Her eyes are kind of scary!!! Yeah Tess, I LOVED my scissors back in the day, I mean clear back in the 50's!!! and I still LOVE scissors!!! Don't forget the paste, I even ate that in the first grade! Who didn't?!!! LOL When my mom took me shopping I was always on the look-out for paper dolls! I even made a lot! Those were the days my friend and HEY! these are too! don't forget!!!

Tess said...

Come now CRO, not clear back in the 50's! I
d have never guessed it. Yep, she needs that fan, it's those hot flashes gettin to her. He's nerdy looking to me and she looked too perfect so I had to weird her up a bit. Those eyes were my crowning touch. LOL I've recently been cutting ladies out of fashion magazined and saving cereal boxes. Someday I'll get with my granddaughter and we'll make paper dolls wih them. Won't that be fun. Off to work on my yellow page some more.

Martha Lever said...

Hi Tess! This is a great piece. You have doing such a great job on the journal pages. Thanks for the answer on Misty Mawn. Her name is popping up in lots of my blog and YouTube travels.
Thanks for visiting today!