Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Poetrydances Network Blog Jog

I recently joined the poetrydances network. I've really enjoyed the site and have made some new friends there. If you are poetic at heart or just enjoy reading poetry I invite you to join us. To celebrate National Poetry Month the site coordinator has sceduled a blog jog. Stop by and get in on the fun.

Special friends are sometimes
But never truly
So come into the present
from the past,
And from the present,
Walk (with me) into the

~Jan. 1986


Charlotte said...

You have a real talent. You came by my WFMW post about prevention. I appreciate your comments. I struggled with wether or not to share, and now I see it's a good thing!

Laryssa @ Heaven In The Home said...

Thanks for commenting at Heaven In The Home on my Local Foods post!

I really like roosters and chickens too…dreaming of the day we get to have our own flock scratching around the yard!

Come say hi again soon!

nancy said...

Hey Denise, I'm having problem with e-mailing you, they keep bouncing back, did you change your address, let me know at
thanks nancy