Sunday, November 8, 2009

Doing Lots and Lots To Do!!

Hi all, I've been so busy I forgot to post here. So sorry!
I have always loved Teesha Moore's artwork and through Facebook came across her 16 page journal tutorial. I watched and then watched another and another and decided I just had to make one. Last Saturday I went looking for supplies. I finally found 90 lb paper and the pan pastels at Varney's Book Store in Aggieville. I know she said to use 140 lb. paper but it wasn't in my budget. This book store is right near Kansas State University. I'll go back for the heavier paper next time around. I made the entire journal in one setting. Oh and I did not have the type of thread she used and when I mentioned it to hubby he told me about how when he used to be a sail maker they waxed their thread with bees wax. I just happened to have a beeswax candle and so he showed me how to wax my thread. I used regular embroidery thread. It seemed to work just fine and besides it's just experimenting and just for me. So far I've painted all of my pages and have started collaging the cover. I'll take pictures later in the week, I scheduled a few days off from work to play. (I've already decided I want the 140 lb. paper for Christmas.)
I took the new camera out for a spin again today and caught these images. The weather here has been unreal, it's been way too warm for November and I am loving it.

I decided I liked the imperfect and rusted look of these silo's and the shadow of the tree that looks to be another tree but isn't.

These hay bales look like giant dirty marshmallows to me.

I also added a few more pictures to imagekind this weekend.

Hope you all had a good Sunday and will have a wonderful week ahead.

What creative activity have you been up to?



lori vliegen said...

hi tess! i love your photos.....and those bales of hay really do look like marshmallows stacked up! congrats on creating your own teesha journal! one of the nice things about making our own things is that we can improvise if we need to....your solution for the beeswax on the thread is perfect! have a great week! :)

Jamie said...

Dirty Marshmallows!!! I love it! They really do. Oh how I have missed you sweet Friend! I LOVE your cemetary photos. Nice new camera!! Teesha rocks and I can't wait to see your journal:) Love, Jamie