Friday, January 29, 2010

Pinewood Derby, Doctor, Enchanted Revelry and More Snow

Greetings Folks, I woke up to more of this today as did this little guy that lives in my rose/rock garden. He loves the outdoors, can't you tell?!

I've been a wee bit busy this week. Too busy I think. And I've been so enjoying my few peeks in every chance I get at the wonderful blogs along the OWOH magic carpet ride.

We held our pinewood derby with one Pack I work with here this last week. These cars are made by 1st through 5th graders. Some were pretty creative. I just love that "pink e-racer". Great imagination....
Check out the car on box#2, a hot dog on a bun. So cute....

Daisy Duke never showed up but her cousins car did, do you see it?....
I also had a long awaited doctor's appt. this past Tuesday. I spelled it all out for him literally. I wrote down all of my meds and what I take when and then told him about my physical condition (and emotional). I described all of the different tests I've had done over the past 2 years plus and still no answers and no long lasting relief. He was very attentive and went over my medical records and test results with me. We've stopped one med and will try replacing it with another, plus adding two more that will be temporary to help me get some night time relief and to calm my nerves and legs. I've got to get some quality sleep. I am also being tested for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus. I have another appt. in three weeks. I don't want to wish anything bad on myself but I do want them to find something, an answer - anything, as to why I am always in such pain and when I do get it to ease up in one area it develops in another. (He assures me I'm not crazy, this I doubted.)

I did have a wonderful surprise in the mail this past week that truly made my day. Took my mind off any ailment I may have as soon as I seen the box. I new immediately I wanted to share it with you and I apologize for not having made the time to share it sooner.
I love all of the luscious colors of tissue paper that came stuffed in this box. Even my hubby knew to help fold it carefully to set aside for art projects. :) (He was as excited as I was to see what was in the box!)
A bit blurry because I was so excited I could hardly contain myself.

I tried to get Frankie to help me with unpacking the box but she wasn't interested. Cats are like that, always lounging. :)

This wonderful box of goodies came from a fabulous, stupendous, funny, artistic, talented, entertaining and creative blogger. If you have not found him yet you must visit Tristan over at

Tristan's blog is eye candy of the best kind and on top of that he is hilarious. He recently celebrated his 300th follower, 200th blog post and 40,000 hit. Wow!! You have to see his blog to understand. He is so full of life and his blog posts will never fail to make you smile/happy/feel warm and fuzzy inside. He is one of the participants in Lisa Swifka's One World One Heart event also so please do stop by and say hi. Just for fun tell him Tess sent you. :)
(Here is a link to his Enchanted Revelry OWOH post)
(And here is mine, I've added a second prize.)

And to Tristan I would just like to say

Thank You So Much...You Made My Day!!

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Yourself,



Baroness Bijoutery said...

Congratulations Tess..that was a Great Giveaway Tristan had...You are so right Tristan brings joy and smiles all the time..I just can't wait till his next post...Hope all goes well for you and you get some answers soon..I know how you feel and the waiting and trying to convince yourself you aren't crazy will drive you crazy...Hang in there...

lori vliegen said...

what a fabulous surprise.....and all of those goodies were so sweetly wrapped, too!! now that there's so much snow on the ground, you have the perfect excuse to start creating some great art with your new supplies!!

i hope you find some answers to your health questions soon, tess. i know that most of the frustration comes in the "not knowing".....hang tough, sweet friend! :))

winnsangels said...

Thanks for taking a moment to leave a comment at winnsangels. I truly appreciate your visits and the opportunity to catch up. Sounds like you've not been doing so well. I will try to remember to get in touch so I can make some suggestions. I know how frustrating can get when so much discomfort and so few answers.
Thanks for directing me to Tristan's blog. Congrats on your package.
Angels be with you Tess.

Lay Hoon aka mescrap said...

Congratulation !!! You deserve the prize and can't wait to see your new page with the new supplies.

Besides, do take care of yourself too {{{hugs}}}

Anne said...

Hi, Tess! Congratulations on your wonderful blogging goodies! I know they've found a wonderful, appreciative home! And best wishes on getting a proper diagnosis, so you can get the proper treatment for you! :-)

Joyfulsister said...

Hi Tess,
Brrrr lol. WEhen it gets down to low 60's in Hawaii I get so cold, but I loved the snow when I was in the states. Congrats on winning the giveaway, and please know I'll be praying for you, that the Docs will be able to help you find what is going on with you.

Hugz Lorie

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Valrie said...


I came back to visit and get to know you as a blogger. I have total empathy with this blog. Please email me and I'd love to share with you what my doctors have told me, we have very similar conditions!

Also view my post today on My Butterfly poem and leave a comment to receive a special edition of my OWOH note cards!


Willow said...

Wow what a wonderful gift to receive. Congrats.

Thanks for visiting my blog.


Summer Gypsy said...

Hi Tess!! Love your snow...We may get an inch of the white stuff tomorrow! It's always exciting here in Alabama to even see a flake! Congrats on your winnings, you lucky girl! Prayers go with you as you visit the doctors to find some answers. I have a close friend who is going through a similar situation.

Hugs and Valentine Blessings, Tess!