Sunday, February 28, 2010

Family and Another OWOH Gift

Hello fellow bloggers, Hope you all have had a great weekend. Mine has been pretty good. We've had somewhat nicer weather and I even got my van completely clean inside and out with hubby's help. It smells so much better in there and the dash board is nice and shiny again. :)
Today we had a family gathering at my mom's place to celebrate Bobbie's 1 year since her surgery and one of my brothers has a February birthday. Bobbie wanted to cook and we have a vegetarian in the family so I made the meat sauce yesterday and filled a crock pot and she made the vegetarian sauce at mom's house plus cooked the noodles. I surprised my brother with a Cherry Chocolate cake, a favorite. It was so nice having Bobbie's help instead of her zonked out on the couch. Everyone has noticed how much better she is doing. The cousins enjoy seeing each other and they are all growing so fast.

This is us: My sister and her family and one of my nephew's is missing from the pic. Mom is sitting on my niece's knee. She started this brood, with me, yep I'm the oldest in my family. LOL! The little guy is my daughter Billie's best friends son. She (they) are also her and my son-in-laws roommates. They are like family to us so we didn't mind at all when the little guy jumped up on the bench with us. She (Ashley) is taking the picture.

Sasha smells something in this pretty pink paper.

So I thought I had better get to showing my latest OWOH win received recently. This is from Angie of Big Hill Goddess . Her blog is a lot of fun. I loved that this One World One Heart blog giveaway offered a chance at two different packages and a cross stitch. I was especially delighted when I found I had won the dream package. It is all purples and lavender and I have always been interested in the meaning of dreams. Not the nightmare kind of dreams, just the dreamy dreams when silly things play out in our heads while we are sleeping. Like people flying, or dogs jumping through windows or trees talking. The first two are recurring dreams I have. So here are more pics of my wonderful OWOH win...

Frankie has joined Sasha in the inspecting of the package.

Isn't this just the loveliest little Art Doll! The package is dried lavendar.

I plan to wrap the lavendar in this pretty embroidered hanky to make a sachet. I'll use the pretty purple yarn Angie used to wrap the package with to tie the sachet up.

My package even included a handmade journal. A ribbon is wrapped completely through this journal to tie it up with. I love the artwork in the front cover. And the dream book comes with a journal too.
(I have no idea why blogger loaded this picture sideways.)
So now you've seen it. My dreamy package from Angie at Big Hill Goddess. Angie is a mom to three grown children and to put it in her own words: "I enjoy baking and cooking, sewing, crafting art dolls, and reading. And I am somewhat of a coffee addict. ". I have enjoyed Angie's blog since finding her through OWOH and am following her now. I do hope you will take the time to visit her little piece of blogland. If you really want to get to know Angie read this swap-bot introduction post. She does a great job of introducing the blog world to who she is and what she is about. I can't wait to see more of her Art doll creations.

Well I think this post is way too long so I will save my finished 2010 January Journal for another day. I know it's the last day of February already. It should have been finished a month ago. But that's OK, I've had fun playing in it and I finished the back cover recently so I'll show you the last pages soon. Until then...
Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Yourself,
(For those that are missing spell check in blogger, mine is back. Have no idea where it went for a few days but am glad it is here again.)


lori vliegen said...

hi tess!! what a fabulous family photo!! i'm SO happy that Bobbie is doing well, feeling well.....that's answered prayer, for sure!! congrats on your new goodies....that journal and little lavendar filled art doll is beautiful!! :))

Shealynn Benner said...

Great family photo!!

And, no. The Burlap is not scratchy. :) I tried it out. The burlap doesn't touch your neck.


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