Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wordless Wednesday Courtesy of

Photo Fun
Dumpr - Photo Fun


turquoise cro said...

LOVE this Tess!!! My pc is on vacation, using my daughter's laptop every once and a while now!! YOU won a Cro bluebird!!!

Kristin said...

Hi Tess!
This is a cool picture - I love the bold yellow! And your birthday party below looks wonderful - I hope it was a Sweet 16 and that you are feeling better. Always love those rhymes too. . . Have you heard about Monday's Child? It is a new prompt group which asks those who are interested to write a children's verse or story based upon a single picture. The link is on my sidebar if you are interested in learning more. Last week was the premiere.
Thank you too for your kind comments yesterday, they really mean a lot!
Kristin xo

Kristin said...

Hi again!
Thank you for your sweet message - I hope you check it out - I'd love to see you play along, Kristin xo