Monday, July 12, 2010

Hi All,
I just had to stop by and tell you all about the fun give-away over at That's So Cuegly. The bracelets are so pretty and I love that they have a hidden message. Go check them out and enter her give-away. I sure did!
I'm sorry I've been so absent here. I'm ok, I've just been busy going through digital images and videos of the July 4th activities. Did I tell you I met Eddie Money? Here are links to a few of the AC slideshows I've published so far.
The big Sundown Salute Parade was on Saturday July 3rd. A new rule this year was no throwing candy from parade floats. It really caused some upset people and organizations. The parade here is usually very long. I'm talking hours but this year there were fewer floats and a few more walkers. The walkers could hand out candy. I felt bad for the seniors who so enjoyed throwing candy to the curb and just cannot walk the route. Still it was loads of fun watching my granddaughter and niece and visiting with hubby and my sister-in-law. I also got a few really good pics of some of the floats, clowns and mini-cars. I love the mini-cars.
We've all seen carved pumpkins but have you ever seen a
We also were entertained by Paradise City. They are a Guns 'N Roses Tribute Band. I've never been a big Guns N' Roses fan but Bobbie sure was/is. I have to admit they were pretty good.
After Paradise City we were entertained by an AC/DC tribute band called Hells Bells. I love AC/DC so was very excited. AC/DC was my first rock band to see live in concert. It was sooo loud and so much fun. The Hells Bells Band did a great job and the band member portraying Angus did a wonderful job, he even wore the short pants school boy outfit. I was so disappointed though because I got three lousy pictures and my camera batteries died. I had my Flip with me that I got this past Christmas so I got some video and have been torturing myself determined to get it loaded to Associated Content. Hubby had to give me a few lessons in changing format. Well I finally did get it submitted and geez do I ever need more practice. But hey it's my first video published on Associated Content and I know I will only get better with practice. (Positive thinking!)
I still have more content planned to publish:
Seven Bridges Rd. - A Tribute to the Eagles
(they were awesome)
Eddie Money.
I'll let you know when I've published.
That's really all the creative stuff I've been doing. I feel the need to get paint on my hands and I need to go over and check out Monday's Child and think on a story or poem for this week. I folded some watercolor paper for another journal and put it down someplace. Must find it...
I also joined a swap and must get busy creating five 5X5 creations with a Christmas or Winter theme due in August I think. Now I must go check that date.
So what have you been up to lately?
Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You,
P.S. Don't forget to check out the
That's So Cuegly bracelet giveaway.


signed...bkm said...

Wow Tess you do have a lot going on...creativity is a busy process...looking forward to seeing and reading the fruits of all this labor...blessings...bkm

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I've carved watermelon into a basket and turned it into a fruit basket, but never carved it any other way. What a hoot.