Saturday, September 11, 2010

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View of the twin towers in August, 2001
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A Page from My Journal
This is an entry from my personal journal written on 9-11-2001. A frightening day for all Americans including those far from the destruction.
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Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I thought the ad below the post was your post and kept clicking to see why I couldn't get your post to play. I finally figured out the link.

I was amazed at all the tributes that have popped up today, all the memories that have been shared, and all the tears that have been shed this ninth anniversary of an event that changed the landscape of NYC and our lives forever. Thanks for the post.

Jillayne said...

This was an interesting read - it may have seemed rambling to you but not to me. I like reading journals that were written "as it happened" - they are more real, more questions and broader ones.
It was a horrifying day and a terrifying one. The reactions were swift and in a way, comforting for me - I was glad to see the people in leadership roles knew what to do and did it. I felt comforted in that and in my belief in our resilience. But mostly I felt overwhelming grief for Americans - you are a nation of pride and wear that pride very publicly. At first it seemed the events of that day might be a blow to it but we quickly realized they would only bolster it - it wasn't a pride that believed others couldn't hurt you badly, but a pride that knew you could overcome whatever might be thrown at you.
Odd to me how that the saddest day I have known also had the most evidence of true love, strength and pride.