Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Good Morning Peeps,

For those of you that know about the ordeal we went through with Bobbie Jo and a brain tumor 3 years ago. I thought I would show you how she looks today. She is doing well and loves her wild main of hair. If you remember she had to have her entire head shaved before the surgery.
Can't tell it quite as much here but she's lost lots of weight too. She is doing good keeping her blood sugar under control also. I'm so proud of her and how far she has come.

And this is our little girl (my granddaughter) that is growing up way too fast. These photos were taken during a warm March Saturday when we thought Spring was here. Now it has turned cold again and we even had more snow. I want to ring that groundhogs neck; or mother nature. I am soooooo ready for warmer weather.

Remember the word weaves I was talking about in my last post. The ones that I scanned and now are missing from the folder on the computer. Take a look here at the CraftyMoose blog to see one of them. I am sure Debbie will love your visit.

Have a great day,

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Safe,


Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Word Weaves

( We might be seeing more of this sometime soon if the weatherman is correct. I hope he's wrong.)
Greetings all,
I made 2 new word weaves as my giveaways during the 2011 One World One Heart. I had each winner pick the colors and verse. It was a lot of fun creating these special word weaves. I always take photos or scans of items I create and gift but this time something went wrong with the scan. The folder I created for the scan is empty. I'm still getting used to this new computer and this really saddens me that my scans did not take. It's the same scanner so I just don't understand how it can be so difficult.

I invite you to visit Debbie over at her CraftyMooseCrafts blog. One of the word weaves went to her. The other word weave flew to Florida to find a home with Bonnie. Visit Nanbons blog here. It took me a while to get motivated to make these weaves and to decide on just the right shades of the colors they chose. They were very patient with me as I did not meet the March 1st deadline for delivery that Lisa Swifka asked us to follow. I am very grateful; for these ladies patience. I also decorated their envelopes to send mail art out into the world. I had just recently purchased some glimmer mist and have found this stuff is wonderful for decorating envelopes. A decorative template and some glimmer mist and wow did those envelopes pop. Hopefully they made the mail carrier as well as the mail recipient smile.

I've recently joined the List My5 web site and think I will probably have a lot of fun there writing and publishing lists. I've found I am able to turn some of my Associated Content articles into lists too. So that is cheating a bit maybe but it's a new way for me to revisit some of my past posts over at AC. I have also found list ideas in my everyday life. I hope you will jump over and check out my first few lists here. I sure would appreciate your views and comments.
It's spring break here and I've the day off from my day job so I'm going to take my granddaughter to see Rango. I love the commercials and she is really excited to see the movie (OK, I admit I am too).
Have a great day and remember to
Be Happy, Be Healthy and Be Safe,


Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'm a 2011 OWOH winner

Hello folks, Blogger is haunted tonight. Either that or it's been so long since I posted I forgot how. Or blogger just hates me this evening. So you will get a post that is all out of whack. But hey, that's ok, communication is important and I have so much to share right now. So please do read and view and then click on some of the links. Thanks,
This is a lovely art doll mermaid created by Shauna Henry. She is made of clay and her eyes are glass beads I believe. I love her hair and her eyes. I've named her twiggy because her waist is so small.

I've rearranged my wall board several times today. The zentangles hearts are from T'Rina and the 2 large cards are from Boston Patterson. Do you see the little four leaf clover in the middle of my inspiration board? I got it from an OWOH friend too with the story behind it. The original clover plant came from France with Barbara Cagle's grandmother. She has written a book titled "A Mastery of Motherhood 16xMOM".

This painting of a dog is also from Boston Patterson.

These zentangle ATC's (above and below) were created by T'Rina and are also magnets . I love that idea, magnets. These are going on my cabinet in my workspace at the day job.

Those heart zentangles from T'Rina are also little cards, perfect for gift tags. I'm not sure if i could part with them though. They are so pretty. T'Rina has another blog here > Standing on the Borderline.

Greetings blog friends,

I can't believe it is snowing here yet again. It's pretty but I'm finished with winter. It started out slow and now it's coming down good.
I'm ready for spring. I've got tulips pushing up in my backyard garden and I'm sure they'd prefer some sunshine. Be safe to you all in the rain and snow zones.

I participated in the One World One Heart event again this year and I'm very behind on sending out and thanking those that sent to me. To my winners I do apologize. I have one word weave done and another is close to finished. And to those that sent goodies to me. Thank You so much. I've made new friends during OWOH and found some wonderful artists I may never have found if not for Lise Swifka. A big thank you to her too. Now for a look at my wonderful new works of art: (Which you have already seen because they all ended up above.)
Thank you bunches to all that sent me wonderful door prizes. I hope if you have made it to here you will take the time to go back and click on the links to visit these wonderful artists.
Have a great week ahead,
Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Safe,


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Serenity Prayer Book

I made this little book for a fellow bloggers Aunt who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. I wanted to send her something speacial instead of just a card. See more pictures and how I created it here. Please add Jeanne to
your prayer lists.

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Safe,