Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Carnival Themed Birthday

Greetings All, Sorry about the sideways pic above but I wanted to try to get the whole tray/cake into the picture. We spent mopst of yesterday with our youngest daughter and a group of her frineds celebrating three little peoples birthdays. Three families came together to put on a carnival themed birthday complete with a giant bouncy house (truck) and clowns. It was so much fun.
This busy little man is now 3 years old. I have lots of pictures of his back. He was constantly on the move and had so much fun.
This is Donald with his youngest princess who is now a 1 year old.

This little princess is now a 1 year old also. My daughter, Billie, made the tutus for the girls. They were soo cute.

All it took were some family and friends, hot dogs, popcorn, fruit & veggies, a couple bouncy games, face painting, plenty of bubbles, a couple clowns with balloons and
a few other odd games to create a busy and fun day.

Have a great Sunday,



Teddi said...

Tess your daughter Billie sure can sew a tutu, it's gorgeous!

Kristin said...

How wonderful! They all look so happy and the tutus and cake are wonderful! So nice to catch up with you - and thank you for your sweet visit! xoxo