Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello Friends,
Please pray for my mom, Joan B., She had a simple mastectomy on Friday.  She kept it secret from the family untill the last minute when they told her for sure it was cancer.  She got the final news on a Wed. and was in surgery on Friday. She was out of the hospital and home the next day.  We now wait to find out if she needs chemo or radiation.  Please pray not.  My aunt had the same surgery 9 years ago and only had to take the pill for 5 years.  We are praying that is all mom will need. This is the third direct relative touched by breast cancer as my mom's mother had it too. Scarey!! And yes I have my mammo every year as does my sister.

Thank you for your prayers,

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Safe,

Teresa aka Tess