Sunday, January 18, 2009

January's Journal Challenge Day 18 - Pink

Happy, Happy Sunday,

It's warmer outside again today and I was thinking how much I am ready for Spring to come and then realized it's still only January. That brought about a boo hoo gasp.
I'm putting away some things, craft items and such, getting ready to have my granddaughter come over to spend the night. Schools here had a four day weekend. Must be nice! Anyway I like to take advantage of the occasional three day weekends I get to have my granddaughter spend the night. She can be a handful and as we never know what temperament she will have we must not have to work the next day. I've seen 2AM before with her as she just would not go to sleep. She's 9 now and doing so much better. Mom and dad limit her sweets now and her TV. She no longer has a TV in her room either. Trust me if you have a somewhat hyper child get rid of some of the electronic stuff and sugary things. It really does help. My granddaughter was experiencing anxiety over too much to do and what to play with next and can I have more candy, more candy please, cartoons now, more cartoons, I have to play with my barbies, where is my unicorn, I want to draw now, I'm hungry, I'm thirsty, I'm sad, tuck me in, you forgot to tuck me in, kissy my dolly......Get the picture?!! Putting here on a morning and bedtime routine and eliminating the TV and VCR from her room and convincing grandma (yes me) not to buy her every little thing has helped her a lot. Yes, I admit to being part of the problem. She's doing much better at home and in school now.
For today's journal page I did a watercolor. I learned if you are going to use watercolor pencils you really should use watercolor paper. Obvious conclusion! So now I get to try it again on watercolor paper and then I have a question. Can watercolor be used on canvas if I make a collage background? I don't know if I could do this with acrylic paint as I really have no idea how to blend. I'm not sure if the watercolors blended right either. Besides, I found I have one color of pink acrylic paint and it is bright. I guess I could have used pink shades from magazine clippings and collage the flowers. Now that's a thought, I must write that down. Ok, I'm back. BTW, I am sure I've seen this flower configuration before but can't remember where, in a book or online. So I'm hoping I'm not hurting anyone by posting this picture.
I've really enjoyed this week and am ready to get to doing a few more ATC's and to read what Misty has in store for us for next week. Oh, and I can't wait to see who her winners are for the original artwork. I know my chances are slim as she has so many flowers and participants but you can't blame me for hoping with fingers crossed. I'd cross my toes too but that might hurt. I won't be too disappointed if I'm not picked as a winner because I have, and am, learning so much and that makes for a great start of a new year, don't you think?
If you haven;t seen it yest and have some time to browse go to Misty's Flickr group Art Everyday page and see all of the fun and wonderful journal pages being created all over the world. I've uploaded mine there too.



lori vliegen said...

hi tess...your pink blossoms are so pretty! and don't worry, spring will hopefully be here soon! have fun with your granddaughter! :)

turquoise cro said...

This is soOOOOOo pleasing to the eye!!! Have FUN with your granddaughter! Tomorrow is buttons, beads and fabrics!!!

Deirdra Doan said...

You touched my heart...thank you for your comment...and I like your pink sweet.

Meri Arnett-Kremian said...

A lovely tribute to friends! Now I have to go think about pink. I know what I want to do, it's all a matter of execution.

Tina said...

sweet - I love that you hand drew that - I am finally getting faces down maybe next I will attempt flowers. I am having fun with misty's challenge can't wait to upload tonights back again