Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January's Journal Day 13 - Orange

I started this page this morning, added more during the lunch hour and finished up just a few minutes ago. I used water colors, acrylic paint, glitter gel pens and crayons. I suppose some will think it needs more. I may even think so and add to it some but for now this is my Orange Journal page. I love doing leaf rubbings and leaf transfers. I do them with my Cub Scouts. They get a kick out of it. I love the colors of the changing leaves in the fall. I have one tree that turns from green to a vibrant red almost overnight, then a orange/brown color before falling. I love how leaves can float and seemingly sail the winds while falling. It's very hard to find leaves this time of year. I found the ones I used for this in a cub scout box left over from a crafting project, dry and brittle. They weren't the best for leaf printing but hey I made do anyway.

All I could think of today was about this silly knock, knock joke a Tiger Cub Scout loved years ago. He's a Boy Scout now. He loved this joke and told it over and over one year. I'm sure he'd be embarrased about it now. I love the age of Tigers (7) because little things tickle them soo. They have such a strange sense of humor and yet can be so hilarious. They love riddles and jokes and rhyming. Need to occupy a 7 year olds mind for awhile? Play a rhyming word game. Hilarious! I'm sure you've all heard this joke many times but here it is anyway:

Tiger: Knock Knock

Leader: Who's there?

Tiger: Banana

Leader: Banana Who?

Tiger: Knock Knock

Leader: Who's there?

Tiger: Banana

Leader: Banana Who?

Tiger: Knock Knock (there is an end to this)

Leader: Who's there?

Tiger: Orange

Leader: Orange Who?

Tiger: Orange you glad I didn't say banana.


This kid came up with many variations of the joke and cracked himself and others up everytime. I didn't remember this until after I started the orange leaves or I could have done a knock knock joke journal page to honor that silly Tiger Cub. Maybe I will anyway.

So tomorrow's color is green. Green, I love green and this one is easy, got my page all planned out in my head already. How about you, have you planned out your green journal page?

Enjoy your evening,



lori vliegen said...

i love your leaf page! and you can count me among those who think that you don't need to add anything else to it...i love the monochromatic look! and your blue theme from yesterday is great too (i have great memories of flying kites when i was a kid!). :)

Tina said...

The leaf prints are fabulous!

Martha Lever said...

Love the leaves and I think you did a great job on it. Loved reading about the little cub scouts. I used to be a den leader so I know how cute and busy they are. My little cub is 25 now!
Can't wait to see green tomorrow!

misty said...

it's perfect, i love it...makes me think of walking in the fall.

and your joke? i had that line in my head all day... orange you glad... my kids love that joke, too! :-)

have a beautiful day Tess... bring on the green. ;-) xo

turquoise cro said...

O! I LOVE leaves too Tess! I LOVE the brown ones the best and the bright red ones! Love the joke!!! LOL GLAD YOU enJOYed my cousin's music! Phew! I'm going to try and dance every day just for the exercise and it does make YOU feel good!

Nicole Austin said...

i love these fall leaves! i've done this project with my little ones and it's so much fun! i never think to try it myself...i think i will have to now! great pages, thanks for sharing!