Thursday, January 22, 2009

January's Journal Day 22

Note: I tried to publish this yesterday and I couldn't. Computer, fingers, mind working better this morning.

Hi All, I am tired this week. It's suppose to be a shorter work week when you have Monday off. I am feeling like this week will never end. BooHoo, poor me! Get over it, right. LOL :-)

I did something for myself and my loved ones today. I went in for an early AM appointment and had my yearly mammogram. If your the age to have a yearly exam and can't remember the last one you had promise you'll call and find out. Make that appointment. It's important for early detection. I had a lump removed several years ago. It was ok, I was ok. I promised myself and family then that I would have this exam yearly so if something develops we'll hopefully catch it early. Lay this promise upon your heart and follow are worth it.

Misty's challenge today was to create with crayons only. As I whined about earlier I'm tired so I decided I felt like scribbling. This is on the back of my tic tac toe page thus the thread lines. It was fun scribbling and doodling and then I decided to add some words here and that, then to add this and that. It's not really a picture of anything. It's just color and it was fun and playful and quick. I may do that again whenever I am needing to be creative but just too tired.
Tomorrows theme: create a work of art inspired by your favorite artist.
This will be a hard one for me!


Martha Lever said...

It's happy and colorful!! You are right about the mammo. That's importante!!!

Lorelei said...

Good for you on the mammogram! I had mine this year and I didn't mind it all since they offer digital now. I didn't like the old way at all. Yay for technology.