Saturday, January 10, 2009

January's Journal - Days 8, 9 and 10

Wow, Where does the time go? I really did intend to post daily. I have been somewhat creative each day though. On the 8th I created another ATC.
I really like this fiber paper scrap I found, which I found yesterday I have a whole pack of. I like the swirls on this scrapbook paper too. I need to work on lining things up better I think. And I want to get back to the junk mail ATC's as I had originally started out with. Oh and I found a small box of different stamps too and a dried up ink pad. I should have bought the art dresser a lot sooner as I'm finding all kinds of neat stuff, some I don't even remember buying. (That's not good, impulsive shopper!!) ~~~~

On the 9th I was writing ideas down and drew out a few ideas for more ATC's. Here is the start of the page:

I'll add to this page as I think of things. I imagine I really will have fun with these as they are like mini breaks or mini vacations for me. I have to keep my hands (and mind) busy, I know I should probably see a shrink about this but crafting is a wee bit cheaper. I have always been the creative type, doodling, sewing, crocheting, doing something. My husband says I don't relax enough. What he is finally understanding is that this is relaxing to me. I found a box of 52 ATC blanks in a paper bag in my back room. Neat huh! My intention was to make them a long time ago when I first started reading about ATC's in Somerset Studio, or was it Cloth Paper Scissors, I forget. Anyway I thought they were neat and wanted to make some so I bought these ATC card blanks and little plastic sleeves to put them in and a stamp for on the back of them. Then I forgot about or misplaced the supplies, a little of both I think. So now with the junk mail idea and my scrapbook paper sheets that I've been using up and the stamps and stickers and whatever else I manage to find or think of I should be able to make ATC's for a long time. (And hopefully get enough done to get up the courage to join an online ATC swap sometime.) ~~~~~

On another subject I loved Misty Mawn's collage self portrait. I admit to feeling intimidated by the idea of a self portrait. I can't draw worth a darn and definitely can't paint portraits. I thought about grabbing the camera but...., well I never did. Then I seen her collage portrait and thought, "WOW, i can do that". So I grabbed my journal and I did it as my creative outlet today and here it is. (It's by no means as good as Misty's or many of the other participants in Misty's January fun but I was pleased with my results.)

I didn't quite follow Misty's instructions but pretty close. I need to purchase or find a gardening book as I need more floral pictures in my magazine stash. And I need more inspirational words too. That will be another thing to do one day when I'm bored or not feeling well and need something to do with my hands. I can usually find free magazines with interesting pages to tear out at the local library. Most of the elements here I already had torn out of old magazines. I have a large manila envelope I keep them in. I once sat cutting eyes out of magazines for like a week every evening. Drove my husband nuts. I had a mission though, I was creating some artwork to go along with a poem I wrote, Beauty of a Woman. Maybe I'll cut it up and make it into ATC's?

So I hope you all have a fun and relaxing weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing what Misty and others have to show us with the theme for next week, color.



Martha Lever said...

WOW, Tess, you did an excellent job on this! I love the colors and the layout---and everything about it!!! I looked at Misty Mawn's site----very interesting!

Lucy said...

Love the self portrait--I agree with Martha, you did an excellent job with this challenge! This year is the first year I've really got into ATC's, I did a few swaps and then worked on a huge project with my art guild that I belong to in Raleigh and made 42 of them for an event and now I really love them. They are a great way to use up scraps of material, to play with color combinations, test out ideas, and like you said-just plain relaxing.

I might host a an ATC swap, you've given me an idea :) Please join in if you see it posted!

Tess said...

Thanks ladies! Lucy (Jodi) I'll be waqtching for that ATC swap. Wow 42 at one time. It's taken be a week to do 9. I'm getting faster though and finding things to use and putting in one place. My now favorite piece of furniture, A plastic 7 drawer dresser. LOL Who'd a thunk!!