Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Recycled Envelopes and Surprises in the Mail

I wanted to share a special surprise I created for my mom. I actually mailed it off today. We like to send each other things by snail mail now and then. Just little thinking of you reminders. Anyways, I was browsing around on the internet the other day and found this Donna Downey youtube clip with instructions to make a mini album using recycled envelopes. Since I just happened to have some bill envelopes saved and the clip looked pretty easy to follow I decided to give it a try. This is what I came up with.

I had more fun coming up with ideas to make the tags I think. At first I had stuff on just one side of the tags and then i added to the other. The black is ink. The instructions Donna gave sure looked easier than it was to use the ink. Either that or I'm just not any good at inking things. I think I will definitely do this again but without the ink next time. Maybe I'll try adding paint to the edges of the paper and envelopes. Any way I had fun with this, and recycled, and used up some themed scrapbook papers and stickers I had just laying there, calling to me. Ever have that feeling; your stash of crafting stuff is calling to you? :-)

I received a very special package in the mail recently myself. I bought a pack of postcards from Jessica of vol.25. She is a stay at home mom and an artist. I love her drawings and designs. She has a great little etsy shop too. She is running a special on post card packs this month and is including extra cards in the packs too.

The backs are blank so they could be used for other things besides postcards. I just mailed one to Finland and one to Texas through postcrossings. Isn't this just the cutest image? If you haven't seen her designs before do stop by Jessica's blog and etsy shop. She has two adorable little girls and is a wonderful artist.

I must sign off now. Frankie is needing attention again. That little cat gets into everything.

See what I mean!!



lori vliegen said...

oh, tess, what a fabulous little treasure you've made for your sweet mom! it's just wonderful, and i know that she'll LOVE it...you have put so much of yourself into it! it's just like getting a big hug in the mail!
congrats on your new postcards...i've been a big vol25 fan for a long time. love her stuff!

Summer Gypsy said...

Hi Tess,
I love your little book! Your mom will treasure that little book forever!!! What a sweet tradition to snail mail artwork between mother and daughter!! I can just see the love that went into those pages!
Have a blessed day!

Anne said...

Hi Tess! I love the tag book you made for your mom out of recycled envelopes! It is sooooo cool! :-)

Martha Lever said...

This is a wonderful and creative book. Darling! I will have to check out the video. How is Bobbie? Hope she is recovering well!

Tess said...

Hi all, Thanks for the wonderful comments. Martha, Bobbie is doing well. Taking it one day at a time. They say her med levels (lab tests) are good. She has an almost constant shadow in her child and a good friend. She's conquered walking wiothout a cane and has had few bouts of headaches. Thanks for asking about her, it means a lot.

Marilyn said...

What a sweet little album you made for your mother! Looks like it was a lot of fun:)
And I love the postcards--very cute!