Sunday, April 5, 2009


And there off...............................I spent Saturday at the races. The Pinewood Derby Races that is. I am the Unit Commissioner for the Chapman Pack and we were invited to come and help as race officials. What fun! :-) I have been working with this Pack for the past 7 years. It's built up enough now that our weekly help is no longer needed but I stayed as the Unit Commissioner and help out with paperwork and fun stuff whenever needed. The tornado that tore through Chapman destroyed the Pack track and the Cub Master found time to get the track rebuilt just in time for the races. It's not painted yet but no one seemed to mind one bit.

These are just a few of the 21 cars that raced yesterday. See that mouse trap on the far upper right? That car won most original for the Pack. The genius of one of the Wolf Den scouts. And what about that second car from the left on the upper row? Looks pretty primitive doesn't it? Ah, but every cub scout knows to just "Do Your Best". Well he did do his best and his car was fffffffffffffFast. (Recognize R2D2?)

The Webelos Den leader and Tiger Den leader took turns setting the cars on the track. Mike eyed them carefully to make sure they were lined up just so. We always have so much fun at a Pinewood Derby Race. The big race is in May. All of the 1st and 2nd place winners from every Pack Den goes to the District race. Fun, Fun!!

And who might this be?
None other than Bobbie of course. Her hair is coming in really well. It seems to be thicker in the back than the front but we think it's coming along nicely.

And here she is with her little sister. Billie (yes, Petticoat Junction was my favorite show) came over to spend some quiet time with mom and pamper me a bit. She dyed my hair, no more grays, yippee!! Now I'm Mexican Red Brown, and believe me it's more red than brown. Billie picked the color and I enjoyed the attention and conversation. Bobbie and Robert drove by and seen her car and stopped to say hi and get a big hug. I insisted on a picture of the two of them. They are 6 years apart and not the closest of sisters but they get along and are there for each other when needed. I do believe this health issue with Bobbie has brought them a bit closer together. They seem to be in contact more now. I am glad as they are each others only sibling. Bobbie can't wait for her hair to grow long enough to spike it like her sisters. I can't wait for that picture, it'll be cool!!! I had fun playing with the pictures in Picture It and realized I really should be playing with my PS Elements or I'll never get used to it.

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. We are off to St. Francis again tomorrow. This will be her 3rd surgery. This time to take out the heart catheter that was placed during her 2nd surgery. She really is doing good.



Anne said...

Hi, Tess! Great pics of the derby and cars! So nice to hear that the track was rebuilt just in time. That took a lot of energy and love. Great pic of the two girls. Wishing Bobbie luck with her surgery! :-)

lori vliegen said...

hi tess! oh, what wonderful memories i have of our son making his pinewood derby car every year! and my little dutch boy always helped out during the race. we've even baked many "pinewood derby" cakes! such fun!!

i hope all goes well with bobbie's surgery tomorrow. she looks like she's feeling great!! :)

Martha Lever said...

Enjoyed our blog today. I fondly remember the Pinewood Derby and our son still has the car---and he is 25. Loved seeing Bobbi and Billie.

turquoise cro said...

Love that pic of Bobbie with all the hearts!!! SWEET! and the pic of both your gals but where is the one of YOU in it with the gals with your red hair???!!! I colored my hair and I picked the wrong box and it came a little too dark!!! tee hee I've been a red head before too! More prayers are being sent upwards for YOU and your Bobbie! and your family! Those little boys have soOOOo much fun, don't they??((((Tess))))