Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Spring Art Swap Item Arrived

A while ago, during Spring, I signed up for a Spring Art Swap. I was paired with Wendy who lives in Melbourne Australia. She has a cute blog and loves to blog about her adorable little boy. She's really into sewing and is part of a block swap. I enjoy checking in now and then to see what new blocks she has received or come up with. Her Oscar is a year old now. I'm sure she'd love comments from other mommies of young boys or artists that love working with fabric.

This is the wonderful Art piece she sent me for our swap. I love the Native American quote she included and the many beautiful swatches of fabric she used to frame it.

She even sewed her business card right to the back of her artwork. Isn't that a clever idea. I love the design her free flowing stitches made.And this is the pretty card she made and sent with it. I love the shimmer of the sheer fabric covering the flower. This scan really doesn't show how lovely this card is.
And then to top it all off she sent me a little bundle of fabric squares all tied together with a pink ribbon. I love them all and was so excited to see one of them had words printed along the edge "Hand Printed by Prints Charming Sydney Australia". I loved seeing that. I plan to find a way to incorporate the wording into whatever I make with these fabrics.
See the fabric with the little hands? It so reminded me of Lori Vliegen of Elvie Studio. I know she would love this fabric. Just a small square but enough to really see how beautiful this fabric is with a heart inside the hand. Whenever I see this symbol now I think of Lori. And now I'll think of Wendy in Australia too.

Wendy thank you so much for all of the wonderful things you sent along to me. I love the quote and the way you framed it within this beautiful piece of your art. I will have it framed as soon as I find the perfect frame to showcase it.

This is the art I sent to Wendy. I made it by sewing and gluing lace to a piece of canvas and then I started painting over it all. As it was a Spring Swap I wanted to incorporate blossoms or flowers of some sort. I found this wonderful sparkly ribbon and since we were suppose to incorporate the colors red and yellow I decided to make my own "flowers".
I used a lot of glitter paint also. It is a clear paint with glitter already added. It was fun and easy to use.

The butterfly is a stamp I purchased designed by Jessica Rose of vol25

This is a better view of the stamp. I thought it stamped pretty well considering I was stamping on lace.
I found a good use for some of the rickrack I found in my stash and some of the paper beads I made long ago. I added glitter to them too.

When I thought I was finished I decided it needed a stiffer base so I glued in to a piece of cardboard and then extending the painting out onto it. This piece was fun to make and I sent off a couple ATC's with it also. I have not participated in many swaps except for postcards and I must say the swaps can be a lot of fun. I really enjoy getting things in the mail and seeing my Mr. 's expression as I open it ever so slowly. Hee Hee!!

Well this is a rather long post, sorry about that. If you are still reading I sure do appreciate it. Do go by the 6oclockstitch blog, she is the one that started the spring swap. I enjoyed this swap so much that I've now joined the artful penpals swap. There is still time to join in on the fun. I found out about this swap through Shelagh's Alice in Paris... blog.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I did. I went out for the day on Saturday and played in the woods / helped out the boy scouts. It was hot but not a drop of rain and a nice breeze. Perfect weather for camping even if I did wimp out and not camp out!

So what swaps do you know about coming up this month?

Catch ya later,



Joyfulsister said...

I enjoyed my visit at your blog today!! I also love writing poetry and it is so good to meet others you do too.

Aloha Lorie

lori vliegen said...

hi tess! your swap goodies are fabulous!! and you're absolutely right....i LOVE that heart-in-hand fabric!! you are such a sweetie to mention that! and i know that wendy must have been equally as thrilled to receive your beautiful artwork in the mail...the glitter, the lace, the rick-rack, the butterfly all looks great!! :)

Martha Lever said...

I enjoyed your blog today. What a lovely swap item you got and yours was lovely too. And yes, wouldn't Lori love that little piece of heart in hand material. I see that she has already seen it!!!

julie king said...

what cute pieces these are! my first visit to your blog -- so much to see and experience!!

Lanie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Looks like we may be kindred spirits. Creativity is my therapy too!

peggy gatto said...

You hit he jackpot!!!!!!
And your garden piece is darling!!!!
thanks for visiting me!!