Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A surprise in the mail.....

This cute little card came my way from Anne Gaal of Gaal Creative. Isn't it ever so cute? What a lovely surprise to come home to after a vacation. I love Anne's blog and her cards and such. She gives very detailed instructions too. I wish you could feel the texture of the background on this card. It's raised and feels so delightful. Anne wrote such a nice note inside. Now I am thinking on a card to make for her. Oh but how will I ever make a card as lovely and professional looking as hers is and are? I'm sure though that she would love whatever I would make to send her.
Maybe an ATC instead of a card?!
Do stop by her blog and say hi.
Oh and I have to share this tidbit. When I entered her name into my search engine today to bring up her blog I did something wrong and found a wonderful surprise. Anne makes fabulous cards and she is a wonderful photographer.
You must! go by and see her photography site. That was the surprise.
I had never seen her photography site before. I so enjoy her blog I guess I just never ventured further. She photographs awesome views of nature and wildlife, with such vivid and true to life colors. I wish I could buy a print of all of them. My walls would be completely covered. LOL!
We've been having a bit of thunder and a light rain here after a scorching hot day with a 100+ heat index. The outside temp is down to 77 and tonight's low is suppose to be 74. Not much relief but much better than 90's and above. We had a booming power outage for a few seconds earlier so I guess I had better get off of here before it happens again as I am hearing yet another round of thunder.
Hug the ones you Love,


Martha Lever said...

Oh what a lovely surprise for you Tess---but you don't need to worry, you can create wonderful cards too!

Anne said...

Hi, Tess! Thank you so much for the kind words about my card and my photography. I had so much fun making this card for you, so I'm super glad that you enjoy it!

And - of course! - I will love whatever you make for me ... ATC or card or whatever. It will be a treasure from my friend in Kansas! :-)

abodowd said...

Hi Tess, I like your blog too! And I LOVE that little card, it's the best!

nancy said...

hey tess, can you send me your e-mail addy again,
thanks nancy

Marilyn said...

What a sweet card and such a nice gift!
Looks like you had a great vacation--beautiful nature photos:)
I hope you're keeping cool...this hot spell is just TOO hot for me but I understand we're due for a 'break'.
It was nice catching up with you:) Take care.

Anne said...

Hi again, Tess! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your lovely words and comments. I appreciate them and I appreciate you! :-)