Sunday, July 26, 2009

Granddaughter Art and a Peek at Abby

Good Monday Morning,
I had a great weekend, how about you?
We had our granddaughter overnight on Saturday evening and I decided to have a creating art session with her. I gessoed two boards before she was dropped off. I showed her Abby's Lesson and told her she was going to make something similar. She loved the idea.
First, I had her pick a color for the background She picked pink of course, 2 shades. I learned she did not get the concept of swiping through the paint so that both colors will show. Instead, she created a new shade of pink and was quite happy with herself.
Second, I got out my fabric scraps and had her pick designs to be cut out. Then I got out an old children's book that I cut things from and had her pick some things from it. (I'll tell you about my words idea for Abby later.)
Then the fun began. I got a shallow dish and poured in Elmers glue and a bit of Sobo glue for paper and fabrics. I added a bit of water and stirred it up. I had Raven use some of the things I had cut out to create a picture on her board and I did the same on mine. Then we set about moving some items and gluing down others and on and on until everything was glued down.
Here is her masterpiece.

I applied a coat of sealer just before bedtime so she was able to take it home with her the next day.

The birds are ravens just like her (or so she decided).

The item in the upper right hand corner is Not a flower. It is the sun. She told me not to forget that.
And here it is on her new pink bedroom wall.
I used visual teaching to help her see what we she was to do. This is what I made.

Mine is not finished as it was more important to finish hers. I'll be adding some dots and then sealing it.

Remember I said I would tell you about my words idea? And remember I was not sure of what to do with the edges of Abby's Lesson? Well I cut out extra words and they now surround Abby.

A better sneak peek as she is not finished yet. But I'm getting closer.

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead. I'm sunburned from swimming with cub scouts. It doesn't hurt though.


peggy gatto said...

So joyful!!!!!!! A treasure!
Portrait is wonderful!
What a fun post to see today!!!

lori vliegen said...

how much fun that must have been spending some creative time with raven! she did a beautiful job on her artwork, and it looks so cute up on her bedroom wall! and i love your words idea.....thanks for the peek at abby....she looks awesome!! :)

Anne said...

Hi, Tess! "Abby's Lesson" is coming along great! And what a terrific project to do with Abby during a visit! I love how you showed her different techniques on your piece and let her do her own by herself. Both turned out great! I love that she's hung it on her bedroom wall! And I love that it is the SUN not a flower! Too cute! :-)

Stacey said...

What a fun project! So sweet! :)

Have a great week!

sara's art house said...

LOVE these works of art!!!! OH and the words on the edges- GENIUS!!!!

I love how you type- HeART- very cute!!!

Martha Lever said...

Raven did such a wonderful job!! How darling she is!

Summer Gypsy said...

Hi Tess,
I don't get around much, but I sure do enjoy your visits. You and Raven are some kind of creative girls. She's a beauty, and I know that she's the apple of your eye! Thanks for sharing the pics. You have a blessed evening!

LaY hOoN said...

So sweet little Abby. She is clever to pickup your techniques in such a short stay.