Friday, July 10, 2009

A Picture Show from Sharon

Meet Sharon
(she can be shy)She sleeps along my driveway.
And awakens to greet me each morning.

Sometimes I call her Rose.
She has many friends...

I love my Rose of Sharon bush more and more each year.
It's been hot here, real hot. But Sharon doesn't seem to mind....
I've been suffering with migraines for days now. Have had to resort to the pill bottle, didn't help much. I finally am feeling relief from the pain today.
I've noticed I hit 100 posts with my last one. Wow! I'll have to come up with a special giveaway or something. I'll think on it this weekend.
Have a Happy TGIF day,



Anne said...

Hi, Tess! I love your Rose of Sharon bush! We just got one this Spring and planted it in the yard. We have to water it regularly, though, because it's been extra hot and dry here this summer. We're hoping it makes it and develops some nice strong roots! Congratulations on hitting 100 posts! :-)

Ocean Tiara said...

I am thrilled to read your heartfelt and poetry in motion words here as well Tess! What a lovely friend to have now and I will keep up as I can with all your 'stuffs' here..this is great! xo
Love, Oshy xo

Tess said...

Hi Anne, You are doing the same thing we did the first year we planted our Rose of Sharon bushes, watered a lot. We have 4 bushes so far and I'd love more. Thands for the congrats, the 100th snuck up on me.

Tess said...

Hi OShy, Glad you found your way here. We are both mylotters too. We should connect up there also.
Thanks for stopping by.

Ocean Tiara said...

I was wondering if you were, as I know a few Tess's in different variations over there!
This is grand.
Please email me your name over there and we can be friends!
My email's on my blog Tess!
Thanks a lot now friend!

lori vliegen said...

hi tess! i can see why you love your rose of's really beautiful! congratulations on your 100th post.....i always enjoy visiting you! hope you're feeling better soon! :)