Monday, August 3, 2009

JCLT Moving Sale

The Junction City Little Theater is moving from one location to another after 60 years. They had a moving sale this past Saturday and I was up bright and early to be there. I was interested in the crafting supplies and boy did I ever score. I was able to buy entire boxes full of some really neat stuff.

Beads, vintage jewelry, lace, ribbons, trims and odds-n-ends called to me.
"Take us home, take us home".

And some of the most decadant, shimmery fabric I have ever seen. True magic woven in every strand. I so hope Raven will want to be a gypsy for Halloween this year. Can you just see the costume begging to be assembled?

I had so much fun trying on all of the neat vintage hats and brought a few home with me along with a pretty vintage handbag. I even snagged a couple vintage fur collars and a silly Halloween purse for Raven. She'll love it.

And this sad looking little critter was once a cute animal that became part of someones fur stoll I believe. Anyway I couldn't resist bringing it home to hubby. He has named it Spanky and is having fun teasing the cats with it. One hisses, one backs up and stares and one could care less. I'm sure she thinks just another cousin in the house. LOL! Hubby thinks Spanky will become part of his Golden Eagle regalia costume at some point. The guys like hanging them from belts or pouchs. Better than the dumpster I say and a cheap costume addition at just $3.00.

So I have lots of sorting and organizing ahead of me. I've already gone through
and bagged up the box of beads and such. I've started on a second box now too. I'm separating into gallon size baggies. Easier to see what's there in clear baggies.

You all have a great week now and find time to be creative too. I've been working on a few new ATC's, touching up Abby's Lesson and adding the final touches to the piece I made with Raven. I love the groovy 60's vibe it gives off.



lori vliegen said...

wow, picked up some great finds! my daughter was very involved with her high school theater group (she was costume mistress at one point) and the theater closet was always such a wonderful potpourri of items! raven will have a great time playing dress-up with those hats and gloves! :)

Martha Lever said...

Oh my goodness, Tess!! You really did get some treasures!!!!

BobbieJo said...

MOM!! (insert little whine)

why didnt you come get ME???

(pout) lol

glad you had fun and found a nice treasure cache

Just me.....Shelly said...

J.E.A.L.O.U.S.!!!! why can't we have any going outta biz sales around here???

LuLu said...

Bonjour Tess! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog the other day! I am keeping this long hair lock because this is the last length of hair completely brown I will ever have. I am turning completely grey so rapidly! What an amazing lot of treasures you got there! Come and visit again, I will too! Take care, LuLu

turquoise cro said...

I LOVE old hats and gloves!!! That material LOOKS soOOOOOoo AWESOME!! I haven't been junking for quite sometime now! GLAD YOU had such good luck Tess!

Summer Gypsy said...

Tess, you lucky girl!!! I see those pearly baubles...I love jewelry grab bags from the thrift store....I like that vintage purse and gloves...Poor little critter...It reminds me of a fur store that closed years ago in a now totally defunct mall...I used to dread walking by that store. My daughter, who was about 13 or so then, used to say that she wanted to walk in that store and speak to the owner! We never did, but, I hated walking by that store. I am so glad that you saved Scamp! What a pity that he might have ended up in a dumpster. Hey, I'm one who buys the little "orphaned" stuffed animal at the sitting by himself on the shelf at the thrift store because he looks lonely! You have a blessed day. Thanks for sharing your loot pics!