Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Love a Parade...Chapman style!

Hey ya'all, It's 09-09-09! I'll never see that again. I know, I know, what's so special about that? Well, It's just that I deal with dates a lot at work and it was really neat seeing the 09-09-2009. I was hoping for a book 199 page 199 today but it didn't happen. Maybe next time (in another life). LOL!!

I hope ya'all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend. I went over to Chapman to watch the parade and have dinner with mom and her fiancee'. Hee, Hee, doesn't that sound strange? No, not really, he makes her so happy.

I do love a parade, so I see one every chance I get. Chapman is doing so well since the tornado a few years back whipped through there. This year the annual Labor day parade had

And red tractors

And green tractors

And Little red tractors pulling big red wagons

And a little horse pulling a medium sized green wagon

And parade floats

And Marching bands
And Clowns

And Fancy Cars and Trucks

And even a Hillbilly Hotrod

Oh how I wish I had gotten a picture of the horns on the front. Hilarious!!!

There was so much more I could show and tell about but you'll just have to make it to Chapman next year for all the hometown fun to see it for yourself.

In the meantime stop by my etsy shop if ya' care to shop a bit and see the wonderful original painting I just put up for sale in my shop titled Sunshine Daydream.

Ya' All have a good night now, ya' here!!



(P.S. I hope this post works as last Sunday I posted a journal page and it went to the previous Tuesdays date so I deleted it. Blogger is weird sometimes but I love it!)

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Anne said...

Hi, Tess! Sounds like a fun time! Great parade photos! :-)