Friday, November 13, 2009

My Teesha Journal

Happy Friday everybody,
These are images from my Teesha Moore journal. I am having so much fun with this. I'm not so sure about the pan pastels. I'll need a lot of practice with those. I think the shading on the cover is too dark so I tried to lighten it with the white. I've done step 1, paint; step 2 collage and I've started step 3, penwork. Except I admit not all pages are collaged yet and some have no shading yet. I was so anxious to try every step so I got several pages done with each step and then moved to the next. I am thinking I may journal with white or silver on the cover since I think it's too dark. That will lighten it up a bit. I love how my bird girl has turned out. She is somewhat of a curiosity, or maybe she is a curious type. Oh and her hair is from a cat. I loved that idea. She scalped a cat (Oh my I hope my cat babies don't read this.). Can you tell she loves the great outdoors?

I tried taking a pic of the journal with my new camera but it didn't work out too good so I used my scanner instead for the rest.

This little monkey is thinking of sunshine, can you tell? She's also headed to the library to look at books about warmer climates. I tried to convince her she liked Kansas but she insisted a warmer climate would be much more to her liking. I love her mismatched shoes, they remind me of my granddaughter.

This rollerskating princess loves to dance to her favorite tunes. She knows that laughter is the best medicine so I think she's listening to funny songs. Hey, is she winking at you?

I'm not sure what her story is yet. I know she needs altered a lot more as she's too obvious. I will add more altering to her and the rollerskating princess after lunch. I'm off to visit Billie today and buy more tape. The Prismatic markers seem to be working fine but no white. I'm going to get white also.

Have a great Friday and a fun, creative weekend.


lori vliegen said...

tess, your journal is SO much fun!!! i just love it that you've included little stories about each have such a wonderful imagination!! and i agree, i think that the white lettering will really pop on that first page! hope you continue to enjoy your journaling! :))

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Hi Tess, yes I love doing art journal pages...especially working with the new Teesha Moore Videos! I love your pages and the girl with the big pink hat. They are coming along great. This is just so addictive..isn't it? LOL Have a great and wonderful weekend and keep rocking those journal pages! Cheers

Martha Lever said...

Hi Tess,
Your Teesha journal is fabulous!!! WOW!! I know that was fun!