Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Day 2 - Journal Cover Complete

The end of Day 2 and what a fun day it has been. Today is my youngest daughters 28th birthday. I just cannot believe she is 28. In my mind she is still 24, 25 maybe (and sometimes 7 or 12 or 16, depending on the reminiscing), but not 28. We met her and my son-in-law at IHOP for brunch. Yummy food and wonderful conversation. She bought herself an IPOD Touch with her Christmas money and had to show me all she had put on it. Fun little gadget. Now it's on hubby's wish list for his birthday. Luckily I have all year to save for it as his birthday is in December! LOL After brunch which was really more like lunch time. We end to the OA Winter Banquet. They had the K-State Union Rec Center open to the OA members and we had fun bowling and hubby played pool with another scout leader and a few of the youth. It was fun watching all of the activities. It ended with a wonderful catered buffet supper. And it started snowing when it was time to leave. So we got to drive home in the dark with snow falling. It was very pretty. Another wonderful day and I even had time to finish my January Journal cover.

I cut my face out of a picture and gave myself luscious full lips (stolen from a model in a magazine). I've always felt my lips are too thin. I love how I changed them here. I am sure I will recognize this journal years from now just by the cover. You may recognize the little party hat as one of my ATC's. I liked the reminder that each new day, new month, new year and new decade is part of a puzzle and we are all an important part of that puzzle. I hope to fill it this month with many of the thoughts written around the cover as a border. New Ideas, new dreams, new techniques, new memories, etc., etc...

Tomorrow is my family's big Christmas gathering at my mom's house. We will have about 14 people at mom's with a gift exchange, games and food. There will bw siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins, grandchildren and even a great grandchild. Yes, my mom is a great grandma. We called our great "granny" and now my granddaughter calls my mom "granny". I love it, and she doesn't mind at all! Fun! Fun! Hopefully the snow doesn't cause travel problems. My oldest brother is the farthest away and still only has a 1 hour drive. The streets and roads are pretty clear now since we've had sun the past few days and the roads crew did a really good job cleaning up the Christmas snow storm.

You all have a great night,
Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Yourself,


nancy said...

lovely work
wishing you a
healthy and creative
new year!!

Lay Hoon aka mescrap said...

This journal is so much special .