Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 - day 4 Journal Page

Hello Again,

I got to play in my journal today. I decided to follow Misty Mawn's prompt so I went into my computer and picked a photo I took to play with. As I am still thinking about friendship after the wonderful display of love my granddaughter showed for her cousin yesterday I decided to play with a photo of them. As pink is their favorite color and has been for many years now I made them pink. I think they would both love to have pink hair. LOL! I painted 2 pages in my journal and then created their special page. I will forever be reminded of the special bond they have at this time every time I look at this page. I used watercolors, ink, stamps and collage. There are several hidden messages in this also. One can be easily seen, the other is partly covered but I am sure I will remember what it says, maybe. :)
I definitely like the heavier weight paper I used to make this journal better. The left side of the best friends page is my first attempt at painting with bubble wrap. After I painted the two shades of blue on the friends page I painted the opposite page yellow and then closed the journal. I loved how it looked when I reopened it. I don't think it's done though, too much yellow. We'll see what I come up with next. I have a new idea for some new ATC's also. I have some pieces of this paper left cut off one side that will work perfectly for ATC's.
I won't have time for crafting tomorrow, it's a big scout night.
Until next time I hope you are settling into January just fine and staying warm.
Be Happy, Be Healthy & Be Your Self,



Summer Gypsy said...

Good Morning, Tess! Thanks for stopping by to say hello and leaving your comment. It always means a lot to me to hear from you! Looks like you have been doing some celebrating, girl! Your granddaughter and your niece are precious. They are going to grow up to be "sisters" in heart. That's a wonderful bond that all of us girls need. I love your yellow journal cover with the bubble wrap dots. That is a neat idea. I'm going to have to try that one. I don't venture out very far in my art because there never seems to be enough time. However, we do have at least 2 inches of snow scheduled for Thursday, so that will probably put a dent in tutoring because the roads will close. Yep, 2 inches of snow and we can't handle it !! Have a blessed week, and I hope that work gets better. You are so right. The only attitude we can control is our own. Wise, Tess, very wise. Having been in a stressful work situation several years ago, I can sure sympathize with you!
Blessings and Have a Happy 2010 with your family and loved ones.

Carmen said...

Great journal page. I love what you did with the photo!

Thanks for visiting my blog today!

Happy Tuesday,

*jean* said...

a lovely sentiment...a wonderful page! looks like you are off to a great creative new year, tess!! the look on your mother's face when she opened her special gift is priceless!! and what a gorgeous quilt she made!!

stay warm!!


Anne said...

Hi, Tess! Love the journal pages you are creating! The one with blue and pink is awesome! I love how you altered the photo. Fabulous project! :-)

misty said...

your pages are wonderful Tess, so glad you are journaling so much and making journals!
i love that you made that photo pink! perfect! ;)
Take care and looking forward to seeing more and more!