Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!
I hope you are all with your loved one or at the very least will have contact today. Your valentine may be a husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, a sweet nephew or niece, a darling grandchild, a sibling, an Aunt or Uncle, a favorite cousin, a grandparent, a best friend, a furry friend or all of the above. Did I leave anyone out? You get the idea! I read this somewhere: God didn't put love in our hearts to stay, He put it there for us to give away. (Author Unknown)
Isn't that so true?
Here is a little poem by me for you...
A Valentine - Just one line
Would be just as sweet
As a kiss or a sweet treat.
I hope you all find love today and share some also. A big smile for a stranger just may make his or her day.
Don't forget to stop by and enter my One World One Heart Giveaway. Lisa has really had her hands full this year with over 1,000 participants. What a wonderful and fun idea this magic carpet ride has been. I will check for my last commenter's at noon CST time tomorrow, Feb. 15th, and will attempt to use the random numbers generator to pick my 2 winners. If all else fails I will copy and paste the list to a word document print and have hubby help me cut up and pick the names from my crystal bowl. I started feeling bad Friday and woke with a cough and breathing trouble yesterday. I don't thinks it's my asthma this time I think I may have caught a cold or developed bronchitis. A dose of Tylenol Cold helped me get a good nights sleep last night but I still feel icky today. I can't say when but I will announce my winners and contact them sometime tomorrow afternoon or evening.
Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Yourself,



Bea said...

Well, you need some tender loving care to get well. Have a great day but remember to get your naps and drink lots of water. There, that will only cost you an apple. :)Bea

Anonymous said...

Hi Tess,
You were the winner of my OWOH giveaway. When you get a chance, please send your mailing info to me.

Margaret Hall said...

Hi, Tess....What a delightful, fun-filled blog~!! Glad I found you this morning! Have bookmarked you and shall return soon...I want to begin with journal pages, and I believe that you have a great "handle" on how to do it! And, poetry, I love, so we have the 2 things in common....See you soon....Margaret
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