Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Unfinished Spring Quilt

Spring is in the air and on the cloth....
I don't know why but I remembered this quilt I had started years ago today and went looking for it. (I apologize for the awful scans.) I found it just where I thought it would be safely tucked inside a shoebox. At the time I started this my grandmother had recently passed and I was proving to an Uncle that I did remember the way she stitched the designs onto her quilts. My grandma and granny made dutch girl and dutch boy quilts. We all have one; their children, grands and greats, and their nieces and nephews. My mom has taken up quilting now. To make for her grands and great grandchild. Mom even took some finished quilt squares of little dutch girls and made wall hangings for us girls one year for our birthdays. I love knowing both my grandmother and mother had a hand in stitching it.
I suppose I really should get busy with finishing this quilt, instead of letting it sit in a shoebox waiting to be assembled. My problem is time and, well, I really have no idea how I am going to quilt the layers together. I incorporated buttons, maybe too soon. I love those yoyo flowers, don't you?!

We'll be seeing many of these this weekend (see below), as if we haven't already.

The stores are full of Easter Baskets, assembled and supplies for the DIY individuals. A sure sign that sping is or will soon be here. I am ready for the sunshine but...we went from frigid 30+ degree days to hot 80+ days. What happened to the milder spring temps? Aren't we suppose to have spring weather between winter and summer? I do so hope we do not jump from winter to summer here in Kansas. I like the no coat, no sweat weather of spring. High 60's and low 70's year round would please me just fine. (That's a pipe dream.)

With all the baskets about and the colored eggs and chocolate bunnies please try not to forget the real reason for Easter. Teach your little ones the story. Pray together and be blessed,

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You,


Friday, March 26, 2010

Dramatic Fragment

woo hoo, it's friday. notice no caps there? i'm so tired i can't even get excited about tgif. i am feeling better though.
I have this great old poetry book I found, The Oxford Book of American Verse. I think I posted from it once before. I was flipping through and randomly reading from it and came across this entry:
Dramatic Fragment
SIR, say no more,
Within me 't is as if
The green and climbing eyesight of a cat
Crawled near my mind's poor birds.
~ Trumbell Stickney
I think I felt like that at one point this afternoon except that when I picture it in my mind it's funny. And I didn't feel funny I just felt tired. Bronchitis really wipes me out. I think the meds are working though as I slept good last night for a change. My other new meds seem to be working too. Co-workers say I'm laughing and smiling more. That is good...
You all have a good weekend and remember to get some rest too. That's part of what the weekend is for isn't it? Resting! Well I know mine is going to be anyway.... (Don't work too hard or that cat's eyesight might get your mind's poor birds. Be my luck he'd be cross-eyed too. LOL)
Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You,

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Greetings all,
Sorry I've been so absent here. I've had a bout with depression and now my cough is back. I've talked with the doctor about the depression and we've done some adjusting of the medications. I think it's helping. I haven't checked in about the cough yet. I just hope the bronchitis is not coming back. We went from 60 degree days to 30 and snow. Yep, the first official day of spring and we have 2 inches of snow on the ground. I know, I know, my Uncle in Colorado already told me, 2 inches isn't anything. He had already had 6 and it was still snowing. He teased he was sending it my way. Most of the snow on the streets and sidewalks melted today. With spring allergies and flip-flop weather conditions no wonder I'm having asthma and bronchial issues again.
I'm not sure how I came across this blog just now but if you are itching to make a postcard or to do a random act of kindness here is a great opportunity for you. I'm going to send a Kansas postcard to Satori. I'm not sure yet if I'll buy one or make one. Maybe I'll do both and send two. How about you? I hope you will take a look and send Satori a postcard too.

Have a good evening and a great Sunday....
Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You,

Friday, March 5, 2010

Back Cover Of My New Year Journal

This is the back cover of my January 2010 New Year's Journal. I started following along with Misty Mawn's journaling prompt and got lost somewhere along the way. I finished her entire January Journaling assignments last year, managing to create something in a journal every day. This year it took me clear into February to finish. It's OK though as I am pleased with this journal. I made it myself using Teesha Moore's tutorial. I used some different techniques and even worked through something that was bothering me. So this little 8x9 1/2" 12 page journal has taught me many things and I've had fun with it.

This drawing is inspired by Picasso. I definitely need practice with proportions. LOL! I wanted to make it my own so I added a watch to one wrist and bracelets to the other. Now that I look at it I think they each need a ring or two. And that yellow flower needs a smiley face. :)

Thanks to Tristan of Enchanted Revelry I got to play with Caran D'Ache Watersoluble Crayons. I love them. So would anyone care to tell me what watersoluble means? Can I get the colors wet and paint/blend with them? I'm afraid to try anything other than coloring because I don't want to ruin them or mess them up. Oh geez, now I feel really ignorant. I'm just being honest here. I really don't know what all I could do with them. He sent me the Neocolor II set and the colors are wonderful. OK, enough about the crayons....

So here's a thought, What if you bought or picked a bunch of flowers and gave them to a stranger?

Maybe the person behind you in the check out line,

Or the next person on the street that smiles at you,

Or your day care provider on her day off,

Or the waiter at your favorite bistro,

Or the librarian,

Or, Or, Or,

Have fun with this one. A random act of kindness can be contagious.

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Yourself,