Saturday, March 20, 2010

Greetings all,
Sorry I've been so absent here. I've had a bout with depression and now my cough is back. I've talked with the doctor about the depression and we've done some adjusting of the medications. I think it's helping. I haven't checked in about the cough yet. I just hope the bronchitis is not coming back. We went from 60 degree days to 30 and snow. Yep, the first official day of spring and we have 2 inches of snow on the ground. I know, I know, my Uncle in Colorado already told me, 2 inches isn't anything. He had already had 6 and it was still snowing. He teased he was sending it my way. Most of the snow on the streets and sidewalks melted today. With spring allergies and flip-flop weather conditions no wonder I'm having asthma and bronchial issues again.
I'm not sure how I came across this blog just now but if you are itching to make a postcard or to do a random act of kindness here is a great opportunity for you. I'm going to send a Kansas postcard to Satori. I'm not sure yet if I'll buy one or make one. Maybe I'll do both and send two. How about you? I hope you will take a look and send Satori a postcard too.

Have a good evening and a great Sunday....
Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You,


Kim Mailhot said...

I hope the transition to Spring gets better for you, Tess. Making sweet art is the best remedy I know...for anything that ails you.
Thanks for the postcard link.
Big Love !

Martha Lever said...

Hi Tess,
I hope you will feel better real soon!!!