Monday, April 19, 2010

Asthma Sucks!!

Family faces are magic mirrors. Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present and future.
~Gail Lumet Buckley
Quote from the book "1,001 Inspirational Quotes for Crafters"
Edited by Bob Kelly
I think those "magic mirrors" are sort of like seeing shadows of ourselves.

I missed yet another Mickey Family Reunion yesterday. Turning 50 this year and a set of twin cousins turning 50 as well I really wanted to go. I made sausage balls on Saturday and a cherry chocolate cake to take with us. These are extended family members that I do not see often.
But alas my body had other plans....
I spent a good portion of Sunday in the E.R. or in my bed sleeping. I was doing a lot of coughing Friday and Saturday. Then Saturday night the wheezing became very loud and the coughing was more like strangling. Hubby finally said that's it and off to the E.R. we went Sunday early morning.
After hearing my chest and my coughing the Dr. ordered a breathing treatment which I had already done several on Saturday at home that just was not helping. I guess the meds at the hospital are stronger. Once I was able to carry on a conversation the nurse spoke with me and then the doctor again. I ended up have 2 breathing treatments a chest x-ray and 3 prednisone. I am now on a regimen of prednisone for 12 days and an anti-biotic for five. He also gave me more of the cough syrup with codeine. I slept from 10:30PM until 2 AM last night, that is good for me. Got up and surfed the web a bit and then back to bed and sleep. I woke wheezing with the alarm so had a breathing treatment right away. This is really getting old. The doctor said this was asthma probably brought on by bronchitis as it is not completely gone and the symptoms are more intense. Not just a choking feeling but a strangling feeling. I just could not breathe. Scared the heck out of my husband; me too.
I felt the wheezing coming on again at work so did another breathing treatment this noon hour.
The picture above and in my last post are unusual buildings and textures I spotted around town while hunting for pics of signs of spring. Look up, look down, look all around. The unusual can be beautiful...
I'm planning an AC slideshow using these and many others. Not yet though. I need rest. Unless of course I end up with insomnia from the presnisone. Then I may take advantage of that night time and work on the AC content.
Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You,


Bea said...

Well, I don't have what you have but I have had the coughing until you can't breathe and it is VERY SCARY so I understand how terrible you have felt. I hope the meds are working now and you are feeling better. :)Bea

Kim Mailhot said...

I hope the treatments zap that ick from you quickly, Tess. I am taking extra deep breaths for you today and feeling so grateful that I can.
Blessing and a return to your wonderful art making asap !

Martha Lever said...

Oh my goodness, Tess, you have had a hard time! I am so sorry your are suffering with asthma. I have had pretty bad hay fever in the past but never the asthma. My daddy had it though. I will be sending prayers your way!

Lyn Lomasi said...

Asthma does suck. My daughter went to the ER for asthma recently, too. Hope you're feeling better.