Sunday, June 20, 2010

Christian Mother Goose Rhymes Continued...

Good Sunday to you all,
Shall we visit Simple Simon? I found this version so very cute. Remember I am sharing Christian Mother Goose Rhymes each Sunday during the month of June. I am so enjoying the book I found written by Marjorie Ainsborough Decker. You can read more of Marjories Christian Mother Goose Rhymes here, here and here if you missed my past posts.
Simple Simon met a Pieman
Going to the fair.
Said Simple Simon to the Pieman,
"Can you count your hair?"
Said the Pieman to Simple Simon,
"No one can count hairs, son."
Said Simple Simon to the Pieman,
"God counts them, every one!"
Simple Simon went to school
To ask the master there,
"Can you count all of the stars
And tell me the number sir?"
Said the master to Simple Simon,
"There is no way to count."
Said Simple Simon to the master,
"God knows the whole amount!"
Simple Simon met a climber
Climbing peaks one day.
Said Simple Simon to the climber,
"What does this mountain weigh?"
Said the climber to Simple Simon,
"No one knows that, I'm afraid."
Said Simple Simon to the climber,
"God weighed it when it was made!"
Now the next one is a treasure of a bedtime story. I love it and I am sure you and your little ones will too.
You are very, very special;
There is no on just like you!
God made you just the way you are, When he specially thought of you.
He wanted so many children,
And not one to be the same,
So that you could be a special; you,
With a very special name.
So he put a special mark upon your feet
And fingers, too!
And of all the children everywhere
No one has that mark, but you!
So, smile your very special smile,
And give Dad your special squeeze.
Help mommy with your special hands,
(And it's special to say,
"Thank you", and "Please".)
Then to every SPECIAL little girl,
And every SPECIAL little boy,
God has given a SPECIAL HEART
To put his love in to enjoy.
Now isn't that just the best feel good story, rhyme, poem, song? I can see it used for a bedtime story or to wipe away those sad little tears that do happen now and then. I;m sure there is a tune that goes with this one but I'm afraid I don't know it. It would be a wonderful Sunday School song I am sure.
We finished the windows on the west side of the house today, Woo Hoo!!! The painting is done on those 4 windows and now we have started the back door. We also realized that now we may as well do the kitchen window too. (We'll never be done!!!) I've enjoyed the time with hubby though and the scraping, sanding and painting. I am so glad (and amazed) that we found an unopened gallon of paint from 1996 in the basement that is the original color his mom used on the house trim. And after a good stirring the paint was just fine. It's from Sears so there is a testimonial for the quality of Sears paint. It's good stuff and covered bare wood in one coat. It's not the best paint job but for a couple of amateurs we are pleased and happy with the results. And I didn't get too much paint on the vinyl siding. LOL!! Painters tape is great as long as you don't look down with the paint brush in your hand while attempting to paint close to the painters tape. Oops!! Now to finish the back door and the kitchen window; they are on the south side of the house. I sure hope it doesn't rain tonight.
Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be You,

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