Saturday, July 31, 2010

Monday's Child #5 - Home

Illustration by: Jessie Wilcox Smith 1863-1935
Monday’s Child #5


I marveled at the wonder of this child I had so prayed for. The little girl to call my own that I was finally taking home. As I gazed upon her standing there fearless before the oceans waves I went over the days events in my mind. She had insisted on wearing her favorite pink dress. I had added the big floppy bow to her golden hair, the color of Kansas wheat, to pull it back off her sun kissed face. I watched her standing there holding her pretty dress up so as not to get it wet and lifting handfuls of sand allowing it to sift through her fingers. I thought of how she had said goodbye back at the orphanage. She had bid farewell to each and every one of her friends, her teachers and the counselors. There were many tear filled eyes. She had hugged each tightly and smiled brightly as if to console them. Outside she said goodbye to the big heavy door. She ran into the yard and greeted each palm tree and twirled around while looking up and bid farewell to the birds and the blue sky. Inside the car as I buckled her into her seat she asked, “Are we going home?” “Yes my sweet”, I replied, “We are going home now.”

As we pulled out of the drive I looked in the rear mirror at the orphanage and then down to the seat and my heart leaped with the realization that this was it, she was finally mine. At first she was quiet as we drove along until suddenly she became animated. “Wait, stop, stop”, she cried out. “I must say good bye to the beach”. We were passing her favorite play spot; the place where I had first laid eyes on this precious child playing in the waves. I remembered her fist words to me; “I’m a mermaid. Are you a mermaid too?” As I began to pull over little April was out of her seat belt and had her shoes and socks off even before I came to a complete stop. Before I could get to her she had bolted out the door and was running toward the waves. “April, April” I shouted, “wait for mommy”. Mommy! The word I had longed to hear I was shouting out to this beautiful child God had lead me to find just a year earlier. Tears filled my eyes as joy filled my heart. I continued to watch as little April held her dress up and grabbed handfuls of sand allowing it to sift gently through her fingers. I collected myself and walked closer to her. “What are you doing my sweet?” I asked. “What game are you playing now?” “Oh no mommy”, she replied. “I’m not playing a game. I’m saying good bye to every grain of sand.”

As we left the beach and headed towards Kansas I knew our trip would only be for a visit. I knew this because I knew we were already home.
This story was written using the picture above as a prompt. If you wish to join in please visit Monday's Child. Each Monday a new picture is posted and participants write a piece of children's poetry, verse, or post their interpertation of the prompt. I hope you all will enjoy my story. Please forgive grammar errors as I've been fighting writers block and just wanted to get something out before my braid shut down again.

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signed...bkm said...

Oh Tess, what a beautiful and heartfelt story...She certainty looks like an April - saying goodbye to the beach and finally having a mommy and a home....lovely...bkm

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This is poignant and I even questioned if it was fiction or non-fiction as I was reading it. I would say your writer's block is gone.

Mandy said...

what a sweet sweet story...i reay enjoyed reading this...i will become a follower and visit you

Kristin said...

Oh, this is so very beautiful!!! I loved everything about it and am so impressed with the spirit and beauty that shines through this piece! What a talent!
And how was I not a follower before? I'm sorry, I thought I was . . . Happy Sunday and check out my blog if you can, I am having a big giveaway as of today, Kristin xo

tess said...

Lovely prose style.

Little Treasures said...

What a genuinely touching story! Beautiful!

Jingle said...

what exciting piece,
your imagination about this child sparkly shines.

Gifts of Creation said...

Wow Tess!! That is just beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing it and for coming to visit my new blog! You are my first post on my new writing blog!! I am so honored!
I hope that the story encourages your brother. Believe me, I understand what he is going through and these writings are being borne out of that "fire".

Lay Hoon aka mescrap said...

What a sweet story you are telling us. Beautiful little her.

Jillayne said...

Beautiful story Tess and so well written; I was drawn in right from the start. Beautiful words for a beautiful picture.

Lynn Stevens said...

What a beautiful story! more more..