Saturday, August 21, 2010

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Happy Saturday Everybody,
Something funny happened today. Shall I tell you about it? Ok, you talked me into it. But first I have a question for you:

Who remembers the Love is... comic from the 60's and 70's? I loved that back then they were in black and white. I did an online search and found several sites showing this comic. I think the little cherub looking couple are so cute. I used to cut out the Love is... from our newspaper everyday when I was a pre-teen and teen. (Too bad I no longer have that scrapbook.) There is a page on that tells all about the Love is... comic and it's creator(s).

I have a Love is... to add to the collection. We were doing some house cleaning today and while I was cleaning in the bathroom the toilet seat came off. It's not more that a month old. One of those nice cushy seats from Walmart. So I'm muttering about how cheap it is and muttering a few not so nice words while cleaning the toilet. (Potty mouth sounds appropriate here.) In the meantime hubby pops his head in to see what all the mumbling is about and says he can fix it. He pops out and I continue cleaning. I go to lower the seat lid and it pops off in my hand. Now I'm yelling "I give up". Ok, so this sounds like I was getting angry, right? On the contrary I began to laugh my fool head off as did he. He mentions changing and going OUT into the HEAT to go to WalMart to get a new toilet seat. Ugh!! Heat!! I tell him it can wait until tomorrow. "But of course ", I tell him, "we'll have to be careful we don't slide off the pot". So I continue to clean in the bathroom and he pops his head in dressed to leave the house. "I'll go get a new toilet seat", he says. "Anything else you can think of we need?" he says. Aww!!!

Love is...going out into the summer heat to buy a new toilet seat
because your wife broke it while cleaning.

Wasn't he a sweetie!!

Oh, but that is not the end of this story. Ohhh no!! So hubby turns around and I bust up laughing. There are two butterflies on his butt. Yep, you read right. How else am I suppose to cover holes in my denim shorts?! I was laughing so hard and he's asking what?! I was so So SO tempted not to tell him.
So here is another Love is:

Love is....telling your hubby that he has butterflies on his butt. LMAO!!!

Yes, he changed immediately...
One things for sure there is plenty of drama and unexpected oops's around here to keep things interesting!!

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Safe,

P.S. I found a Kim Grove (creator) Love is... paperback on Amazon. ;-)

Trivia quiz: Which film made the quote "Love means never having to say your sorry" famous?


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

These are really cute stories of you, your toilet seat, and your hubby's butterfly bottom. I laughed and laughed.

Sorry, I have never even heard of the Love Is comic. Not sure we had that comic in the little town where I grew up. I'm no good at movie trivia, either. Boy, I'm a real mess when it comes to things like that. Now if you want to know the second derivative of log x, or pi to 14 places, I'm your gal (grin). You can tell what I did growing up!

Anne Gaal said...

Hi, Tess! Sounds like you and your hubby are a great team! My hubby would never forgive me if I let him leave the house with butterflies on his butt! Smart woman for telling him! :-)

Kim Mailhot said...

"Love Story", Butterfly Butt ! ;)
Funny toilet humor, Miss Tess. But you definitely have a keeper there !
Hugs !

Josh Healy said...

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Patina Marie said...

Thanks for stopping by!

This butterfly butt post is funny. I also read your anniversary post. Just like a movie. Speaking of movies, I'm a huge Burton movie fan too!

As for Love is.... Tonight mine would be...

"still getting butterflies in my stomach for my husband-after 25 years of marriage!" even if he should happen to have butterflies on his butt! Lol