Saturday, August 28, 2010

Winter Song 5X5's Swap Art

Happy Saturday folks,
Ahhh, The weekend. I do live for my weekends. (Sad isn't it?!) The shopping is done and the fridge is cleaned out. Plus I've had a nap. 3 things off my to-do list. It's not a very long list this week-end. All the better!!

I mentioned in a past post that I joined a 5X5 swap over at A Fine Seam. Jillayne and the others will be happy to know my five 5X5's are in the mail and winging their way to Canada. (She told us to think of these as ATC's on steroids, so funny!) It was surprisingly inexpensive to mail them off. Our postage here in the States is outrageous but my little package only cost just over $2.00 to send from Kansas to Canada. I glued the original designs to a stiff cardboard I found in my basement. (Sometimes I could swear things just "appear" down there.) I was concerned about the amount of weight the backings would add but I think they will hang much nicer this way for my swap mates. My 5X5's mainly consisted of paper, card stock, paint and mod podge. I didn't like the plain card board showing so I "painted" it with tissue paper. I love using tissue paper. The stuff comes in so many vivid colors and if you stamp on it before gluing it to something the stamps really "pop". I want to get a stamp of my name and blog address to use just for that purpose as I find I cover a lot of things with tissue paper, including envelopes. I forgot about doing that with this envelope though. I wish I had taken a picture before I mailed it off. I like to reuse bubble envelopes and I found I had one just the right size. I colored all over the old label and then glued tissue paper down. Then I drew a leafy vine all around the front of the envelope with color markers. I think it makes the packages prettier for the postal workers and recipients plus I love the recycling aspect. I have a few more bubble envelopes that I want to give a make-over for resending out into the world. It's fun because there is no set plan in mind when I do it. Just color, stamp, paint, whatever to make sure all of the old label is completely covered.

OK, now that my 5X5 swap items are in the mail I've decided to make one just for me. I love how these turned out but I do have a question though. What could I have done to make the cutout blend into the background better? Thanks for helping me learn with your answers.
Have a great weekend,

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Safe,



Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I was also surprised by the cost to Canada. It is getting cheaper to send there than here in the states. Love these beautiful birds. If anyone doesn't want theirs, they can send it to me (grin).

Bea said...

Awwwww those are sweet. I used to do that size for "fat books". :)Bea

Kristin said...

These are just beautiful! I love the blue and birds and your cutting is so intricate! They are really special.
Oh, and I love using charcoal for blending in the fore and backgrounds - actually, I am addicted to it! Kristin xo

Lynn Stevens said...

Beautiful! Loved your idea of using COLORED tissue paper, never thought of that-smacking myself upside of my head! I'm sure your swap partner will be thrilled with yours!!!!

Kristin said...

Hi Tess!
Thank you for your visit :)
I use a charcoal pencil because I like to draw around the image(s) that I collage onto my surface before blending it in with a stump or my finger. It does a great job of bringing the foreground and background together. I also use it wet if I want more depth. But it can be erased if you have put too much on, which I like. The same is true for white gel pens or pencils - and I also often use big colored pencils in the same way if I want more color. But I always seem to have some charcoal in there somewhere . . .
Thank you for your interest my friend,
Kristin xo

Pat said...

Hi Tess!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! It's always fun to have new visitors. I agree 100% with the statement in your banner "I see words as art." A good chunk of my art is just words so I guess we agree on that!


Martha Lever said...

What a lovely piece this is, Tess! I agree with Kristin about the charcoal. A lot of time I do go around the collage image with a soft black charcoal theW I love. Also, I LOVE Panpastels. THey come in all colors and are great for shading and "melding" in things.

Jillayne said...

Looks fantastic Tess - so excited to see it in real life! I'll take pictures of the envelope and email them to you as soon as the parcel arrives!