Thursday, September 23, 2010

Road Trip

Hello :),
I'm taking Bobbie and my granddaughter on a road trip tomorrow to Kansas City, Mo. Raven is to see a specialist at Mercy Children's Hospital in the Endocrine Clinic. Seems she may have a thyroid problem and the doctors wanted her to see a pediatric doctor that specializes in Endocrine problems. So pray for a good out come if you please. I have no idea what they are finding or looking for just that she needs to go and Bobbie isn't up to driving that far so I get to take them on a road trip. We have it planned to leave early enough to have lunch at the hospital. I love hospital cafeteria food as it is always so good and much cheaper than a restaurant. We used to enjoy eating at the hospital when Bobbie was having her brain tumor checkups and surgery. Speaking of Bobbie, she is having a brain scan next week. A check-up so to speak. She's been having some migraines so they just want to be sure. She said she feels empowered because before no one ever listened or believed her but now she told them she was having head aches how often and how bad and they responded with care and concern. I am glad they are doing it just to be sure. I myself think the head aches are seasonal in nature as she seems to get them when it's raining and also she has recently had a medication change so that could be the cause too. Still with what she has been through I am glad they are checking her just to be sure. Besides it has only been 19 months since they removed the tumor.
I have a co-leader in cub scouts now and I found out just how much I appreciate her tonight. She was out because she got to go to the Military Ball. I told her I better get to see a picture of her in her pretty dress. Eleven rambunctious Bear Cubs kept me ahoppin'. Luckily I was able to talk a couple of the dads into helping me and we separated them into two groups. I have about 3 different levels of boys I'm working with. Those from last year as Wolfs, those that started at the beginning of this school year and then those new ones that have wandered in these past two weeks. We aren't complaining though. Our Pack has really grown and it is always so much more fun for the boys. Our first Pack meeting is next week and I told my bears to bring the tool boxes we made last week for show and tell. Plus I forgot my camera last week and I want to get a group picture for their scrapbooks (which are actually folders that they decorated this evening).
I weighed myself today and I am going to put it out there. I weigh 241 lbs. There I said it...gees I'm heavy. I don't look that heavy...but I feel it. So with the no more soda, cutting back on unhealthy snacks, watching my salt intake
and rehab exercises I have managed to lose 11 lbs in just over 1 month. Yes I admit that too. I am sure the pills I am taking from the urologist have helped too. My feet, hands and ankles aren't nearly as swollen as they were. I called today to check and the last time I seen my regular doctor I weighed 252 lbs. Geez!!! Anywho ~ I want to give these knees of mine a better chance at staying where they belong. I don't want to be bionic just yet. I am sure Dr. Holiday will be proud of me when I go in to get the shots in the knees and I can tell him how much I have lost and that I am doing the rehab stuff every day. Today my therapist added a few new movements to my routine and the exercise bike. I barely made it a minute on the bike and at a snails crawl but he said it's ok, some is better than done and I'll be moving along better in no time. I prefer the Nu-Step. Much less pressure on the knees. So wish me luck. I hope to lose an additional 20 lbs. before Christmas. That is my goal. I still haven't found the book Dr. Holiday wanted me to read. The Glycemic Diet by Dr. Ron Campbell. Our library does not have it and we don't have any decent book stores here in town. Maybe next time I go to Manhattan I will find it there.
So what have you been up to lately?
Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Safe,

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