Friday, December 31, 2010

A Scary End to A Year

As her love is mine

Her heart his

I am today blessed.

As her heart is mine

Her love his

I am today blessed.

Yesterday was haiku Friday here in blog land. Notice how the two written above say much the same even with the change of one word.
My youngest child, Billie Jo, spent yesterday in pain. I am told it began during the night. My son-in-law woke to his wife whimpering. The pain grew worse as the night became day. Her stomach ached. The vomiting began. They are both unemployed at the moment. He is in college and she helps make ends meet with babysitting money. Thankfully they have an understanding room-mate that is like family to us, her and her little son. My daughters mother-in-law is an EMT and my son-in-law is studying to enter nursing school. A future RN in the making. So they finally convinced my stubborn angel to go to the ER. She worries so about finances as you can imagine. There they could find nothing wrong. They were ready to send her home with some pain med when my son-in-law convinced them to check her appendix, something his mom mentioned. They were right. It was appendicitis. The CT scan showed it needed to come out. Luckily it had not burst yet. I worked yesterday and then went to the rehab fitness center to workout as usual. My hubby was off on vacation and still in his jammie's at noontime . When I got home a little after 6 he was fully dressed. That was my first clue. I changed quickly as he filled me in and we headed to Manhattan, less than a 30 min. drive down the interstate. Derek (my son-in-law) called as we were hitting town to tell us they had just taken her in for surgery.

What a way to end a day, eh?!

The good news, the blessed news, the happy thank you God news: She made it through laporascopic (spelling?) surgery just fine. Came out of surgery saying she felt sooo much better. (Of course, she was full of pain med and such.) Today we drove back over to visit with her in the hospital. She had eaten a meal of a turkey sandwich and such during the night and had a very good breakfast. She said the food is great and the hospital bed comfy and she thinks she might need to stay another night. Funny!! The doctor visited while we were there. She went home today and is resting at home with her hubby taking care of her. He said it's good practice for him as he has had 2 job interviews at the same nursing home now for a CNA position. He has worked hard at getting certified and jumping all the hoops to get this job. Please pray he gets it and for her to continue to heal swiftly from this surgery. They are to call him again on Tuesday. Pray a thankful prayer too. My baby girl is going to be OK. I was so scared. These two gals of mine are so deeply embedded in my heart I just can't imagine not having them to fuss at or fuss over.

So as you can see 2010 has gone out with a bang. And 2011 will come in with me in a thankful mood. I hope this feeling will last throughout the new year. I hope 2011 will give me many things to be thankful for but not in a scaring the life out of me dramatic sort of way. I know, I know, beggars can't be choosers. But hey, I can dream can't I! I can pray for it from the powers that be. Demand and wish for it from all the tooth fairies, leprechauns, god mothers, saints and whatever other magical beings I can dream up. And I can just sit back, take a deep breath and be thankful for just being. That too will continue to hold this feeling close to me. I am so lucky to have a loving husband that holds me tight through thick and thin and two wonderful daughters that share their lives with me no matter what. I am feeling a bit melancholy I think,

and grateful too.

Thank you to all of my friends here for being close when needed and understanding when I am absent. I wish for you all a safe, healthy, blessed and

Happy New Year,


Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!
Woo Hoo, I'm online again.
My new HP Pavilion Slimline is up and running thanks to my dear sweet hubby. I've so much more room on my desk now. This tower is just half the size my Dell tower was. I kept the old monitor because I like it and the printer. We still have to connect to the printer. It's an HP too so hopefully it will work just fine. Once I get used to the new keyboard I'll be doing great. I've missed you all and pray you all had a fabulous Christmas.
Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Safe,


Friday, December 10, 2010


It's coming ~ It's coming ~
Just 6 more weeks away
give or take a day!
It's coming ~ It's coming ~
~ It's Coming~
I will be participating...Will you?
for all of the details.
Mark your calendars ~ January 30th, 2011
is the day!!!!
I hope I'll be meeting you all again this year
I hope to make many new friends.
I'll decide in early January
what my giveaway gift(s) will be.
Now go visit Lisa~~~

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Safe,