Thursday, June 7, 2012

Greetings all,
 It's been far too long since I last posted on my blog.  So much has been happening and I've just not had the energy or inspiration to connect.  Some of the happenings going on around here:
My osteoarthritis in the knees has been getting harder to live with.

About a month ago I went down to my basement only to step ankle deep into cold water.  We finally found that someone had turned on an outside hose, broke the handle off the spray nozzle and dropped it near a basement window.  Neighbors told the police they had seen some kids hanging out in the parking lot next door and the alley.  I figure they probably were just wanting to get a drink of water but....they entered a fenced in yard to get to the hose and then left it on.  So it was written up as vandalism and we had to call someone to come and get rid of all of the water, and carpeting and carpet padding.  Then weeks later they found mold and now the paneling is gone and they cut out and replaced some of the wall board.  I feel as if this basement clean up will never be done.

My husband has been having trouble with his back again.  His sciatic nerve is pinched and he has that poke in the buttocks feeling and his foot goes numb.  He has had an MRI and it was sent to a neurosurgeon to be reviewed.  Seems he has very bad arthritis along his spine.

And I am scheduled for complete knee replacement surgery on June 11th.  They will be replacing my right knee.  The metal is called Oxynium.  I think I spelled that right.  I am anxious, excited, nervous and hurting something awful.  I have been taking vitamin C, vitamin D3, Iron and Folic Acid to prepare for the surgery.  I am now off all of the anti-inflammatory meds I take and I sure can feel the difference.  I can't take anything right now that may cause bleeding such as aspirin or Naprosyn or Glucosamine.  I can't even take my fish oil at this point.  I must say I've noticed I have a bit more energy since starting the vitamins regimen.  I found the Vitamin C and vitamin D3 in gummy form.  Easy to take.

So, my apologies for being so absent here.  I will post again after my surgery.  I am scheduled to be in the hospital 4 days and off work for 4 weeks. 

Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Safe,


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