Monday, July 21, 2008


Alter, Altered, Alters, Altering

Consider the word altered. Seven letters beginning with the first letter of the alphabet. The word altered can be the beginning of something new and different. The American Heritage Dictionary describes altered as an adjective. The definition used is to change or make different. With Altered Art for instance the artist will take something that already exists and alter it to make it her own. Adding paint, glue, beads, found objects to a car tag for instance, alters the tag and makes it a work of art, possibly a wall hanging. This is done many times throughout ones life. We alter our clothing, our hair, our surroundings. We are forever changing the look of things, walls, furniture; altering our belongings has become a favorite past time for many.

Often we are altered through no circumstances of our own. Something will happen that will forever alter the way we see ourselves or another. This altering may take years, sometimes a lifetime to undo. Sometimes the altering is for the best and should be left undone. Often I wonder if what I see before me is real and unchanged or if it has been altered in some way to present an expected or unexpected view.

Consider the word altered. Have you altered something or someone lately?

Altered States

Sometimes beneath
The manicure and press,
Beyond the eyes
So well dressed,
Lies the venom of
A devoured whole.

Sometimes beneath
The grime of city slime,
Beyond the eyes
Past their prime,
Lies the beauty of
A loving soul.

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