Friday, July 25, 2008

My Grandmothers Hands

I've been missing my grandmothers lately. Sadly they are all deceased. But I remember them well. I found a photo on wikimedia by Ilona Eggers that is the way I picture my grandmothers hands; rough, calloused and wrinkled. I altared it a bit to make it fit more into how I wanted it to appear here. (Wikimedia is great for copyright free images.)
I wrote this poem one day while thinking of one of my grandmothers.
My Grandmothers Hands
Those hands were often rough and calloused
From digging in her garden.
Those hands were working hands.
They kneaded dough to make us bread,
And snapped many bushels of beans.
Those hands would swat us when we needed,
And serve up candies from her apron when we were good.
Those hands taught us how to fold ours,
In prayer,
And turned the pages of the big hymnal.
Those hands cared for babies,
Hers and others.
They cooked and cleaned and washed daily.
Those hands never ceased to work,
To care for her family.
Those were my grandmothers hands.
July 2008
I wrote a whole article about what I remember most about my grandmothers. Describing the wonderful qualities they had, the things I loved about them. I published the article on AC. I want my daughters to know about them. They only new one of my grandmothers and by the time they came to meet her she had alzheimers. They missed out on knowing a wonderful woman. You may read the article here.
Have you told your granmother how much she means to you lately? Have you shared with your children her wonderful qualities if she is no longer here on this earth?
You should.....

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Mommy2Lots said...

Beautiful poetry. I like your blog. Will have to add it to my list of AC writer blogs. :-)