Monday, September 29, 2008

A New Kitten

Good Morning All,
We have a new kitten in our household and she has sure stirred up things a bit here. We are already proud keepers of two furry felines Sierra and Sasha. We now have Frankie with us. She is almost 6 months old, white with some gray and the cutest tail. It looks like a raccoons tail with the circular stripes. Oh and she has the most beautiful blue eyes. She is too be mine as Sasha is definitely Chuck's and Sierra favors whomever she pleases at the time. So far Frankie has been content to sit with me in the evenings, somewhat out of fear I think. Sasha has been hissing and growling at her for better part of a week. I'm happy to report they are now occupying the same room without a lot of noise going on and Frankie is investigating her new surroundings more. I've written all about our furry friends on Associated Content, I hope you'll have a look (click on the title of this post and the article will open in a new wondow.) There are more pictures there too.
Have a great day,

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Postcrossings Update

Greetings Friends - Old and New,
I had a wonderful surprise in my mail box today.
You may remember in one of my earlier blogs I had told about finding a new to me website, I had decided to join and requested four names. I created my own postcard using a photograph I had recently taken and I mailed out a postcard to Pennsylvania, Gremany, Croatia and Finland. On you can track when the cards you sent arrived. The one I sent to a college student in Pennsylvania arrived in 4 days, Finland took 8 days and Croatia took 11 days. The one I sent to Germany has not been registered as arriving yet. So far travel time is listed as 11 days. But what about my surprise today...

I recieved a post card from Ria in New Mexico today; and another from Alex in Germany. Ria sent a wonderful card depicting wildlife in the Southwest. A reminder of why I loved visiting and living there so much. I spent a week, twice, at Philmont Scout Center in Cimmarron, New Mexico. But that is another story.
Alex sent a photograph he had taken himself of part of the "Sony Center" in Berlin. Judging by his post card he is a good photographer.

So my post card collection has been started. I have a feeling this is going to be alot of fun and maybe addictive. I have requested 2 more names and will be sending a card to Florida and another to Germany this week. I love getting e-mails but I think "snail mail" really is the best.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Post Crossings

Greetings September,

It's cool and cloudy here in the land of Oz today. We may get rain. I won't mind, we need it and I am ready for cooler weather. I was up late browsing the internet one evening as I sometimes am. The season's changing cause me stiff joints and head allergy symptoms so sometimes I wake often during the night. Anyhow, I found this great new site, new to me anyway, called postcrossings. The concept is really neat. You sign up for free and request to send a postcard and you will recieve an address from just one of many different countries or your own. Once you request an address yours will be added to the system and someone else will recieve it and send you a postcard. There is a profile page where I was able to enter my interests and hobbies to help the sender with an idea of what type of postcard to send. I really liked the idea of recieving postcards from around the world so I signed up and have requested 4 addresses, the system allows up to 5 postcards to be traveling at a time. Today I will mail a postcard to a young lady in Finland, a young man in Croatia, a young man in Germany and a young lady attending college here in the good ole' USA; PA to be exact. I wanted to get started right away and since all had interests in nature I decided to create my own postcard to start. I must remember to pick up some postcards showcasing my town next time I am out shopping. Here is the website address if you'd like to try out postcrossings, I think it would be a great venture for homeschooled kids, college students and the home bound. As for me, I just like getting snail mail.
Enjoy your day,
Update: The postage for an International postcard was 94 cents. I bought a few 10 cent stamps so next time I can send off postcards with pretty stamps on them, atleast until or postage rate goes up again next year.