Saturday, September 6, 2008

Post Crossings

Greetings September,

It's cool and cloudy here in the land of Oz today. We may get rain. I won't mind, we need it and I am ready for cooler weather. I was up late browsing the internet one evening as I sometimes am. The season's changing cause me stiff joints and head allergy symptoms so sometimes I wake often during the night. Anyhow, I found this great new site, new to me anyway, called postcrossings. The concept is really neat. You sign up for free and request to send a postcard and you will recieve an address from just one of many different countries or your own. Once you request an address yours will be added to the system and someone else will recieve it and send you a postcard. There is a profile page where I was able to enter my interests and hobbies to help the sender with an idea of what type of postcard to send. I really liked the idea of recieving postcards from around the world so I signed up and have requested 4 addresses, the system allows up to 5 postcards to be traveling at a time. Today I will mail a postcard to a young lady in Finland, a young man in Croatia, a young man in Germany and a young lady attending college here in the good ole' USA; PA to be exact. I wanted to get started right away and since all had interests in nature I decided to create my own postcard to start. I must remember to pick up some postcards showcasing my town next time I am out shopping. Here is the website address if you'd like to try out postcrossings, I think it would be a great venture for homeschooled kids, college students and the home bound. As for me, I just like getting snail mail.
Enjoy your day,
Update: The postage for an International postcard was 94 cents. I bought a few 10 cent stamps so next time I can send off postcards with pretty stamps on them, atleast until or postage rate goes up again next year.


Anonymous said...

I Love postcrossing . It is so addicting :) LOL
I hope you will enjoy sending and receiving many wonderful postcards .. from people all across the world. I will be adding My postcrossing blog to my site shortly.. I hope you will take a peek. Hugs from New Mexico !!

Teresa aka Tess said...

Ria, Thank you for commenting, I appreciate it!