Saturday, September 20, 2008

Postcrossings Update

Greetings Friends - Old and New,
I had a wonderful surprise in my mail box today.
You may remember in one of my earlier blogs I had told about finding a new to me website, I had decided to join and requested four names. I created my own postcard using a photograph I had recently taken and I mailed out a postcard to Pennsylvania, Gremany, Croatia and Finland. On you can track when the cards you sent arrived. The one I sent to a college student in Pennsylvania arrived in 4 days, Finland took 8 days and Croatia took 11 days. The one I sent to Germany has not been registered as arriving yet. So far travel time is listed as 11 days. But what about my surprise today...

I recieved a post card from Ria in New Mexico today; and another from Alex in Germany. Ria sent a wonderful card depicting wildlife in the Southwest. A reminder of why I loved visiting and living there so much. I spent a week, twice, at Philmont Scout Center in Cimmarron, New Mexico. But that is another story.
Alex sent a photograph he had taken himself of part of the "Sony Center" in Berlin. Judging by his post card he is a good photographer.

So my post card collection has been started. I have a feeling this is going to be alot of fun and maybe addictive. I have requested 2 more names and will be sending a card to Florida and another to Germany this week. I love getting e-mails but I think "snail mail" really is the best.

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Laney said...

Hi Tess,

What a great idea. I loved having penpals as a kid, had one from Ireland, Isreal, Egypt and Australia...have wished I knew how they were would be fun to do this with my son, especially once he masters reading! Thanks for the info.
Thank you also for all the comments!