Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Healing Rays of Sunshine

This drawing from a past post .............
Became this painting. It is acrylic paint, glitter gel pens and Pilot Ball Ink Pen on a 9" X 12" artists canvas board. I am pretty happy with how it has turned out. I need to seal it still and maybe tweak the tree trunks a bit but other than that I think it is done. This will go to Bobbie.
I am now doing the same on water color paper with watercolor pencils. I forgot to do the background first so it's going to be interesting to see how it turns out. I refuse to start over as it is almost completely drawn in and I've already started adding some water. It's the sky part that I forgot to do. The sun and grassy hill is done and most of the flowers and I started the trees already when I realized the background is still white. Maybe I'll just add a bit of blue here and there and it will look a bit like clouds. Hmmm!
Bobbie had a good day today. She woke energetic and talkative and my son-in-law needed to study for a test so after a bit of visiting with her he took her to visit a friend and I picked her up and took her home when I got off work. She was still doing good so I took her with me to run an errand and then home to see her little one (the sitter was with her doing homework). It's nice to have a good day, I hope she has more of them between now and the surgery date. It is still Feb. 24th. Robert is at work and the sitter is going to fix supper and feed her before she completely tires out. She'll call Robert at work if she needs to go to sleep before he gets home from work to say goodnight.
"Always kiss me goodnight or at the least tell me you love me." I have no idea who said that but it's a great quote.
Remember to hug your loved ones real tight before you say goodnight,


lori vliegen said...

hi tess! oh, this looks GREAT! isn't it amazing what color can do?! i love the way you've painted this! :)

Anne said...

Hi, Tess. I'm so glad to hear that everyone is rallying around Bobbie and Robert and that they are both getting the support they need to get through this trying time. And I love that you made her a painting to help cheer her up and brighten her days. Still thinking positive happy thoughts that the surgery will be just the ticket to return to you the Bobbie you used to know, before the tumor, safe and sound. Hugs! :-)

Diane Duda said...

very cute!
love your fanciful flowers and trees! :)