Thursday, February 12, 2009

A new journal page done with colored pencils by flashlight. I didn't want to turn the overhead light on in the middle of the night. I had indigestion last night so had to sit up a while.
There is a new update on Bobbie at my AC site. Just click on her name to go there. And thank you for all of your uplifting messages and prayers.
Have a great day,


Anne said...

Hi, Tess! That is great news that the surgery has been moved up! I hope your son-in-law gets his birthday wish, too! :-)

lori vliegen said...

hi tess! i'm so happy that bobbie's surgery date has been moved up...definitely an answered prayer!! and, i'm so impressed that you were able to create something using a flashlight as your light source! great job!! :)

Martha Lever said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today and for your comment. I have been praying for Bobbie and read your article. Hope you are staying strong in the midst of your storm.

turquoise cro said...

Keeping YOU and Bobbie and all in my prayers Tess! My pc is acting up as usual but I read on your comments Bobbie's surgery has been moved up. I'll be here praying for all of YOU! Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow honeypie! xoxoxox, Cinda

Stace and Rob said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comments!I appreciate the support!-stace