Monday, February 9, 2009

Tag, Your It!

I was tagged by Martha Lever of ArtduJour last week. My instructions are to post the 4th photo from my 4th folder so here it is. I acquired some license plate tags for recycling and came up with altering some by painting and adding some collage elements. It was lots of fun. I gave my mom one that says Honey and I gave it a design with her being the Queen Bee. She loved it and has it on her back porch which is her main entrance. This one is still for sale in my etsy shop as well as a few others. I thought it would be great in a kids room. (I just noticed the etsy posts expire in a few days, eek.) I found I have a few more altered tags I should post in my etsy shop too.

So now to tag four more. I think it will be these fine ladies:

Delila of Robin and the Sage

She creates such wonderful things of and with nature. I love how soothing a visit to her blog is. I bought a lovely necklace from her for myself this past Christmas at her etsy shop.

Jessica over at vol.25
Jessi is a stay at home mom of 2 adorable children and she is very creative. I love her designs and she is always coming up with fresh items for her etsy shop. She even has free downloads on her site. Do check out her blog.

Katie of joyously becoming

I love Katie's mixed media art. I enjoy reading about the art retreats she gives and dreaming of one day attending one myself.

Linda over at 13th street studio

Linda is a wonderful textile artist. She has several of the biggest and prettiest birds and loves sharing about them. I love seeing her quilts and reading about how she is developing ideas. If you love all things textile you'll love her 13th street studio blog.

Ok, so that is it. I hope I did this right and I hope you will visit these fun blogs.



Summer Gypsy said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and entering my giveaway!!! Yes, I see poetry as art. The written word paints pictures. Everyone's "mind's eye" can interpret the art in a very personal way. I have that ATC envelope template for you!!! Just let me know how/where to email. My email is Sending blessings to you and your precious daughter.

Jamie said...

You are so smart to alter the plates like that! I would have never thought to do that. I am glad you are using your journal. It helps so much to get our feelings down on paper and out of our heads. Glad to hear your washing machine is fixed and you can stay home. Yeah!!! I'm sorry to hear about Bobbie's weekend, but hang in there Momma. The 24th is closer than you think:) Love, Jamie