Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Spring Art Swap Item Arrived

A while ago, during Spring, I signed up for a Spring Art Swap. I was paired with Wendy who lives in Melbourne Australia. She has a cute blog and loves to blog about her adorable little boy. She's really into sewing and is part of a block swap. I enjoy checking in now and then to see what new blocks she has received or come up with. Her Oscar is a year old now. I'm sure she'd love comments from other mommies of young boys or artists that love working with fabric.

This is the wonderful Art piece she sent me for our swap. I love the Native American quote she included and the many beautiful swatches of fabric she used to frame it.

She even sewed her business card right to the back of her artwork. Isn't that a clever idea. I love the design her free flowing stitches made.And this is the pretty card she made and sent with it. I love the shimmer of the sheer fabric covering the flower. This scan really doesn't show how lovely this card is.
And then to top it all off she sent me a little bundle of fabric squares all tied together with a pink ribbon. I love them all and was so excited to see one of them had words printed along the edge "Hand Printed by Prints Charming Sydney Australia". I loved seeing that. I plan to find a way to incorporate the wording into whatever I make with these fabrics.
See the fabric with the little hands? It so reminded me of Lori Vliegen of Elvie Studio. I know she would love this fabric. Just a small square but enough to really see how beautiful this fabric is with a heart inside the hand. Whenever I see this symbol now I think of Lori. And now I'll think of Wendy in Australia too.

Wendy thank you so much for all of the wonderful things you sent along to me. I love the quote and the way you framed it within this beautiful piece of your art. I will have it framed as soon as I find the perfect frame to showcase it.

This is the art I sent to Wendy. I made it by sewing and gluing lace to a piece of canvas and then I started painting over it all. As it was a Spring Swap I wanted to incorporate blossoms or flowers of some sort. I found this wonderful sparkly ribbon and since we were suppose to incorporate the colors red and yellow I decided to make my own "flowers".
I used a lot of glitter paint also. It is a clear paint with glitter already added. It was fun and easy to use.

The butterfly is a stamp I purchased designed by Jessica Rose of vol25

This is a better view of the stamp. I thought it stamped pretty well considering I was stamping on lace.
I found a good use for some of the rickrack I found in my stash and some of the paper beads I made long ago. I added glitter to them too.

When I thought I was finished I decided it needed a stiffer base so I glued in to a piece of cardboard and then extending the painting out onto it. This piece was fun to make and I sent off a couple ATC's with it also. I have not participated in many swaps except for postcards and I must say the swaps can be a lot of fun. I really enjoy getting things in the mail and seeing my Mr. 's expression as I open it ever so slowly. Hee Hee!!

Well this is a rather long post, sorry about that. If you are still reading I sure do appreciate it. Do go by the 6oclockstitch blog, she is the one that started the spring swap. I enjoyed this swap so much that I've now joined the artful penpals swap. There is still time to join in on the fun. I found out about this swap through Shelagh's Alice in Paris... blog.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, I did. I went out for the day on Saturday and played in the woods / helped out the boy scouts. It was hot but not a drop of rain and a nice breeze. Perfect weather for camping even if I did wimp out and not camp out!

So what swaps do you know about coming up this month?

Catch ya later,


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mowing and Fishing and Crafting too!

Hi All, How was your Memorial Day weekend? Mine was great, busy and relaxing all at the same time. Last Friday I took the lawn mower over to Bobbie's place and we mowed her yard. She wanted to do it herself but I noticed she kept shaking that left hand. She did finally agree to help with pushing the mower now and then. Luckily it is self propelled or it may have been even harder on her. So we took turns and she had a friend that was over help. We picked up the trash that had blown into the yard and sticks and stuff too.
Hubby and I went fishing both Saturday and Sunday. The weather was hot but not too hot. We tried Milford Lake and Moon Lake. I didn't catch a thing and Chuck only caught 2 small fishies. I did have lots of nibbles, little fishies stealing the worm. I did get to watch the turtles playing and sunning at Moon Lake.

And this beautiful bird was real busy out on the water. Didn't seem to be very good at fishing either. Kept dropping them. Funny!.....

These weed/flowers were all over the place. They are really pretty...

I managed to get some crafting in too. I made my first ever wall pocket. It was lots of fun coming up with a design and experimenting with the placement.
I took a few pics with different items in it to show what it could be used for.
Stationary pocket...
Garden pocket....

I put it up for sale in my etsy shop. More photos there.

I took my granddaughter to see Night at the Museum on Monday. She loved it and I did too. We seen the first one together so I knew I wanted to take her to see this one. I highly recommend it.

I got 2 more slide shows up on my AC site of the Run for the Wall visit here. I've been viewing some of the events in DC on the net. Wow, awesome!! Remember our vets not just on Memorial Day but always. And remember that our Freedom is not Free!!


I'll close this post with a prayer request. Bobbie and Robert have separated. He left about a month ago. Last time this happened he was back by now so we figured the same would happen. This time she has told him not to come back. He went to see Chuck yesterday and told him he was leaving in July for Arizona. Bobbie knows this and seems to be ok with it. There was a lot of shouting and arguing in that household. Robert has anger control issues. He agreed to go to counseling and we thought it would help but he quit going. With her bi-polar this was a bad issue. Bobbie seems to be more relaxed now but still is having some other issues. She is going to her weekly counseling sessions as she is suppose to and this is good. She does need prayer though, to get through this trying time. My granddaughter does not know yet that daddy will be leaving the state. So far she sees him a couple times a week briefly (Bobbie is his ride too and from work) and every other weekend. Bobbie told him it will be his responsibility to tell her. They have a mutual friend that lives in Arizona so he will have a place to go. My initial thought was at least he stayed through the surgery ordeal and until she had received the all clear from the doctor. Still it's hard. July would be there 11th Anniversary.


So what wonderful creative things did you do during the long weekend? Do tell...


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wow, I don't know about you all but I sure have been busy.
Saturday Chuck and I put all new knobs on our granddaughters dresser, cleaned it up and delivered it to them.
Then Sunday I got into a sewing mood and since we had missed going to potlatch at Camp Hansen to do a service project I decided to get started on a project from home. We are members of the Tribe of the Golden Eagle and to help out the camp some of us make things to sell at the Camp Trading Post. I found a great fabric in the remnants bin at Walmart and remembered I had it. I bought a bag of remnant materials at a yard sale months ago and decided to look through it. This is what I came up with.

I made two sets of breech cloths and they are fully reversible. The solid colors went perfectly with the colors in the patterned fabric. I did not have a pattern either. I just remembered what one of the other ladies at camp had told me and I looked at Chuck's breech cloth and started cutting. The ironing board and iron were a big help too. Front and back and a casing for the boys to put a belt through or a rope or strip of leather to secure to the waist. I have enough of the patterned fabric left to make two more sets and I found a nice brownish red solid color in the bag that matches. These will be my service project for this year. Well these and working staff for a week counts also. I will take them with us when we go to camp in June. We never seem to have enough breech cloths to sell in the Trading Post. Chuck makes eagle claw necklaces to sell and while in camp he usually makes at least one beaded chest plate to leave to sell the next week.

After I finished sewing I headed over to Heritage Park to watch the Run for the Wall ceremony. I had never witnessed it before even through it comes through our town every year. It was awesome. All of the veterans were so friendly and the event is very well organized.

This is the broken spoke wreath that was laid at the base of the Kansas Vietnam Memorial in our Heritage Park. If you would like to see more pictures please go over to my AC site. I took sooo many pictures of sooo many awesome people and motorcycles. :)

I have lots more photos to download and post and will probably do a part 4 and part 5 this weekend.

Tonight we are going over to Chapman to help a Troop with getting organized for their first ever week long camp at Camp Hansen this summer. They will be going the same week we do and we have been working with them for several years trying to get them to go. Their leadership has dwindled so we are needed. Tomorrow night we get to dress up in our regalia and attend a crossing over ceremony for a Pack we work with here. I love seeing the little guys eyes (cub scouts) when the leaders walk in dressed like Indians. Lots of fun......
I hope you all have a good rest of the week. Just 2 more work days to a three day weekend. Woo! Hoo! I wanna go fishing.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wild and Wacky Self Portraits

Who says just because we are all grown up we have to act grown up. Having fun with these wacky glasses hubby found in his stash of things.
Have a great day,

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Gift from Nancy

Look what I got in the mail this week.

I had forgotten that Nancy requested my snail mail address. I was surprised and delighted to receive such a wonderful piece of artwork from her for no apparent reason. A just because she wanted to "Random Act of Kindness".

I had so much fun holding the package and guessing with my Mr. what could be inside.

And then the unwrapping and unveiling of the most inspirational and beautiful painting.

Prayer has been constant in my life lately as I suppose it should be.

This angel, a guardian angel I am sure, will remind me to pray in the good times also, not just the bad. I must remember to send up thankful prayers too. I have decided Nancy's gift will be that reminder for me. A reminder to pray through the good times and the bad. To pray with a quiet mind and a thankful heart.

This piece is so beautiful. I believe the term is encaustic. It feels smooth to the touch and the image seems to be sitting on top of the paper. She is real, it's the feeling I have when I look at her.

I have so many questions to ask of Nancy or any who may know the answers. How do I care for this wonderful piece of art? Can I frame it? Can the glass touch the wax or should the glass be above the art? And if no glass what about dust, cat hair? Will it melt? I love it so and I want it to last forever.

Thank you Nancy for this beautiful and inspirational gift. I do promise to pay this generous Random Act of Kindness forward one day. If you haven't lately please visit Nancy's blog. She is always posting such wonderful photographs and lately has been making some really beautiful new pieces of jewelry.

I am wishing all of you mothers, step mothers and "surrogate" mothers out there a very Happy Mother's Day tomorrow.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Kreativ Blogger Award

As I mentioned in my last post Peggy Gatto has bestowed upon me this wonderful award.

I am honored and humbled to know that someone would think I am a Kreativ Blogger. Wow!

So now to the fun, here are the rules as taken from Susie's 1st floor flat blog (she gave the award to Peggy):

The Rules:
List 7 things that you LOVE.
Link to the person who has tagged you.
Choose 7 more bloggers to give the Kreativ Blogger Award to.
Comment on those 7 blogs to let the recipients know you chose them.

The 7 things that I love are:
1. My husband, who was my love when I was still but a child. The one who never betrayed my trust and remembered that even if I didn't look like it I was still a child. The man whom found me (or did I find him) and renewed that love as an adult and married me with my troubles and all. I love you honey.

2. My daughters, two young ladies who have seen awful things with mom and still survived. One who was raised by a mother who was also still a child and yet still today calls me mommy and has forgiven my faults. And one who has grown to become miss independent but still remembers mom needs to hear her sweet voice now and then. I love you my daughters.

3. My family, a large extended group of people. Mother, siblings, Aunts, Uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins and an honery and lovable granddaughter. These people that I can be apart from for days and weeks and months on end and then sit down to chat with as if we had just seen each other yesterday. Yes, blood is thicker than water and I love them all; even the ones that tend to get under my skin.

4. I love the smell of fresh cut grass, always have. There is no smell as inviting to me than the scent of freshly mowed grass in the air. Even now with allergies and asthma affecting my senses I still enjoy that wonderful scent even through watery eyes.

5. I love how my husband smells after he has grilled our supper. That smokey, charcoal scent of an open fire or even when he's cooked over the gas grill. There is just something about that wonderful scent that increases my appetite. And I love the smell of the big camp fires at Boy Scout camps too.

6. I love poetry. The mixing of words to create images in the readers mind has always intrigued me. Reading poetry, writing poetry, there is no better companion when one is ill or hurting. No better therapist when one is trying to figure out an inner haunting.

7. I love the Internet and all of the wonderful blogs I have found. Believe it or not there was a time I argued the point about getting a home computer or the Internet. "We don't need that". "It'll cost too much." Bah!! Now I have seen places I had never imagined existed. I have found poetry and art and museums so wonderful and magical. I have made friends in India and Australia, Canada and Finland. And Hawaii, oh I mustn't forget Hawaii. And here I found wonderful souls willing to pray for my Bobbie, for me, and offer me strength in the form of words of encouragement. I love this thing they call the Internet.

And now for some blogs I believe deserve the Kreative Blogger Award also:

1. Mamta over at glimpes of me is a new friend I met at poetrydances. She is one of my favorite poets and I love reading her posts. I am sure you will too.

2. And then of course there is the wonderful arteology blog. I believe I found Jamie through this years OWOH event. She is such a sweetheart and I love all of the vintage pics she finds. She must have helped create Photo Shop because she sure knows how to use it. :) Her wonderful images never fail to make me smile.

3. Misty Mawn definitely deserves the Kreativ Blogger Award. It was Misty's January Journal challenge that really got me to experimenting more with paper, crayons, paints, fabric and learning how to just play and not worry about what others might think. She wears her emotions on her sleeve and if she's having a down time she just says so. I think she gave me the courage to be able to send out a prayer request for Bobbie. Misty's art is so inspirational to me. I love it and how she mixes words, thoughts and quotes into the mix.

4. And if you haven't yet you really must visit the evolution of nancy. Nancy is an exceptional blogger, mixed media artist and photographer. She is another blogger I found through the OWOH event I believe. She always has such interesting content on her blog and often tells the stories behind the photographs or artwork. (She also sent me a surprise gift by snail mail. I'll be blogging about it later this week.)

5. It's Turquoise Cro Thyme. I like making collages and I like seeing what others do with the art of collage. This blogger has some really fun and interesting collage ideas and I love seeing what she has come up with next.

6. Aimslee of the Paper Paisleys blog is so talented and comical. I love visiting her blog as I'm always guaranteed a good laugh or just a feel good smile will come over me.

7. vol.25 is one of the first blogs I figured out how to follow. Jessi is so very creative. She is a stay at home mom to cute Trinity and Journey and she sells her wonderful drawings and such in her etsy shop. I own an original she made of an idea I offered to her. A wonderful car with a wonderful quote.

I could blog about so many more wonderful bloggers out there that I follow; like Lori and Diane and Jude and Nina and, and, and. There is never a lack of creativity among my online friends. Painters, crafters, sewers, bloggers, poets, sculptors, photographers and so much more. I found some of these people by following links on comments on other peoples blogs. It's fun and a great learning experience, following blogs. Now go say hi to all of these fine bloggers and find some new ones to follow too. If you're feeling blue you just might cheer up and if you're feeling sunny you just might cheer someone else up. Go ahead, browse around, you know you want to! :)

Bye for now,


Monday, May 4, 2009

A Recycled Denim Bag

Look what I made...

It took me about 2 weeks working off and on when time allowed to put this cute little purse/shoulder bag together. I have some of my granddaughters old jeans and some that were a teenagers that were given to me for my granddaughter or niece. The hand-me-downs are either wayyy too big (niece) or wayyy too small (granddaughter). A few pair are in pretty bad shape. I couldn't stand the idea of throwing them away so I've cut them up.

I really had fun making this and working out the details and have already started another. I put this one in my etsy shop. There are more pictures there too. I'm not by any means a seamstress but I think this will hold up pretty good. It would be great for a pre-teen or teen.

I also wanted to share that I received the Kreativ Blogger Award from the wonderful Peggy Gatto. I feel so honored. :) I usually visit Peggy's Mixed-up Art blog and found she has another blog called My Coloring Book too. Or maybe I have been there and just don't remember. Anyway, I like both of those blogs and really enjoy visiting her mixed-up art blog. I'll be back later this week with my picks for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Who will they be?............

Happy Cinco De Mayo tomorrow,


Friday, May 1, 2009

Playing with Picasa

Hello, I'm playing with my Picasa program. I got it as a free download a long time ago.
I know, I know, I should be playing with my Photo Shop Elements but Picasa is easier and I'm wanting easy right now. Just playing around, goofing off really. I took this picture back at the end of March. Leaves were just starting to produce and green on my honeysuckle bush. The birds love my honeysuckle bush all year round.I thought they needed some color so I gave it some blue (below).

See that mystery spot next to the top bird near the upper right? (above)

Now it's gone. First time I had accomplished that effect. Cool, huh!
Then I decided to give it a graduated color. (below)
Then I decided to play with the black and white focal effect. (below)
Then I thought why not try a really bright color. (below)
I noticed the birds seem to show up better with this color wash.

But what if it were starting to get dark outside? (below)

I hope you had as much fun viewing as I did altering these little feathered friends.

Happy May Day!
Have a great weekend,